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Founder of Profit Singularity Course Helps Students Earn More Than a Quarter Billion Dollars

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Christopher Reader’s boy-next-door look belies his serious financial success. The fresh-faced, clean-cut 25-year-old is a serious legend in the digital marketing world, known for making $40,000 a day with innovative strategies that he now shares with others.  

“If you want to be successful, learn how to make other people money,” said Reader. And he’s doing that on a grand scale through his Profit Singularity course. To date, the course has helped students earn a verified $279 million in commissions through affiliate marketing methods that help even newbies make six figures each day. 

From Dishwashing to Millionaire Entrepreneur 

Chris had an unconventional path to wealth, steered by his disdain for the 9-to-5 grind.

“I didn’t want to punch in and out and be chained to a desk,” said Reader. He dropped out of college and got a job as a dishwasher to support his true passion: affiliate marketing (which allows someone to make a commission for marketing a company’s products). What he found was a windfall of money just waiting to be earned with the right mindset and the right tools.  

Reader began creating systems that made his marketing wins both repeatable and scalable. Reinventing the wheel was wasting time and money. Chris wanted systems that could take what worked with one product and make it work for countless others. He then figured out how to scale those systems with minimal effort.  

Profit Singularity: Simplifying Affiliate Marketing

The result is the Profit Singularity course, which allows students who have no background in affiliate marketing to make millions while working just a few hours a day. It just might sound too good to be true if there weren’t so many glowing Profit Singularity reviews and success stories.  

One such success story is Bolton, a 30-year-old from Las Vegas. Bolton tried his hand at Facebook ads but felt frustrated by their rigid protocols. He decided to try YouTube ads with the help of Profit Singularity

“I knew I could spend a year learning this stuff or take the Profit Singularity course and learn from the experts in 30 days,” said Bolton. 

Within a month, he was earning $20,000 per week using the proven systems of the Profit Singularity program—and working just a couple of hours per day.  

Profit Singularity is no scam filled with pie-in-the-sky theories. Rather, it equips students with actionable insider tips and cutting-edge tools to create profitable marketing campaigns. Where students might otherwise spend months analyzing successful campaigns and trying to replicate what works, Profit Singularity leverages technology to do the hard work. Smart resources like AI run the analytics and help students produce videos, ads, and landing pages that convert. This keeps people from having to slave away like they would at a day job. 

“If you’re going to be working from 9 to 5 every day on affiliate marketing, you might as well just have a regular job,” said Chris. “We’re looking to give people freedom—freedom to earn a great living and to have time to enjoy life.”  

Another perk of Profit Singularity is that it leads people to untapped traffic sources and underused platforms that are reliably high-yielding. This includes the hidden corners of YouTube.  

Profit Singularity also leads students to high ticket offers, many with a focus on recurring sales that equate to powerful streams of passive income. Thanks to these high-value offers, students aren’t losing their minds managing dozens of campaigns. Rather, they’re focusing on a few of the highest-yielding campaigns and upping the budget as the profits roll in. This allows people to make more money in less time.  


Profit Singularity’s ready-made tools include ad templates, ad builders with copy generators, YouTube video builders, video script writing tools, pre-built landing pages, and pre-designed content. Because of these tools, even the guy or gal who has no experience with affiliate marketing can be on the same level as a seasoned pro. 

A Positive Mindset is Everything 

As a testament to its success, Profit Singularity has more than one dozen students earning more than $5 million per year. Students have access to the Profit Singularity community, which allows participants to share ideas and strategies in a positive, supportive ecosystem.  

Chris said that if a student has the right mindset, Profit Singularity will provide the path to financial freedom. 

“Your perspective determines who you are and what life you will live. This is the most important information you can understand,” said Chris.  “Too many people speak about themselves negatively—either out loud or in their own minds. I tell my students to only affirm positively about themselves and have positive self-talk—no matter what.”

A Profit Singularity student named Jenn is living proof that Chris’s mantra works. Jenn signed up for the Profit Singularity program to get out from under an avalanche of problems. She was a restaurant manager and bartender in Connecticut when COVID-19 hit, supporting her four kids on $600 a week plus tips. Just as the tips were drying up due to the pandemic, Jenn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her health challenges forced her to leave her job, and she scrambled to find something that would not only make a living wage but improve her quality of life. 

“Even before the pandemic, I wasn’t living. I was surviving,” said Jenn. “Work was taking up so much time, I hardly had any free time with my kids, and it was putting so much strain on my body.” 

Jenn started the Profit Singularity course with a positive mindset driven by sheer necessity. 

“There were no doubts in my mind,” said Jenn. “I was going to make this work. My unemployment was running out, and I had no other option. I didn’t have the luxury of failing.”  

Within weeks of starting, Jenn was having $17,000 days and ultimately brought in $250,000 in 3 months. 

The Beauty of Simplicity

We asked Chris how he started his days as a successful entrepreneur, and his answer was refreshingly simple. He drinks a glass of warm water with lemon, takes his supplements, and sits in the sun as he peruses his to-do list and knocks out the most pressing tasks. 

“I don’t like overly complicated morning routines,” said Chris. “I do what I need to maintain holistic health but also get right into my work.” Effective work in the morning paves the way for relaxation and enjoyment later in the day.  

Chris’s commitment to simplicity is working for him and the thousands of students who are discovering an easier path to affiliate marketing success and to financial freedom. Working smarter is the key. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  


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