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Get rewarded with Play-to-earn: An interview with Worlds of Dr. Hems CEO Cengiz Atmaca

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Play-to-Earn or P2E games give players a chance to get rewarded while playing games. Worlds of Dr. Hems is a game built on this P2E model that not only gives its users a chance to earn rewards while playing the game but also provides them with an intriguing storyline that runs parallelly throughout the game. The WODH game has two major modes: production mode and battle mode and a lot of other interesting aspects such as clans, Dark Planet, staking options and land plots.

In an interview with we discussed the Worlds of Dr. Hems platform, the production and battle mode, the Dark Planet, clans, and much more.

1. What was the vision behind creating the Worlds of Dr. Hems platform? Tell us more about it?

Having already been in the Crypto Business as traders and NFT collectors, we tried to focus on the Digital Worlds, NFT, Metaverse and GameFi’s. These new technologies would need time for sure, however, the future seemed bright and clear. Until then, we had experienced a lot on many GameFi Projects and witnessed the right decisions as well as some mistakes. Our main target was simple. We wanted to take this opportunity and bring together a dedicated and professional team to create our first project – Worlds of Dr. Hems, keeping in mind all the good and bad experiences.

2. How does the production mode in the game work? What rewards are given out to users in it?

The Production Mode is more or less like a farming game, plus we added mining as well. All players that own an avatar, a seed and at least one tool are able to play our game. Throughout the production mode the players were able to gain HEMS Token. This is the in-game currency for WODH Game.
While the farming part is more or less alike, the mining part is a bit different. Limited numbers of mines have a huge importance in our game. We will make our final 4th Pack sales and all sales will be over which means that all avatars and tools will not just be enough anymore and active players will lead the in-game economy. 

For new players, the avatars, seeds and tools will be created by Active Players in our In-Game Market. There will also be a special need for mineral stones. These mineral stones are just owned by mine owners. Still, our In-Game Market is a place where mine owners can put a price and list their mineral stones and sell them to other players. 

3. Tell us more about the Dark Planet? What is battle mode, the second stage in the game?

The second stage is actually the real game. Dark Planet – Battle Mode will be some enjoyable play-to-earn game that will have PVP and PVE Modes. There will be Adventure Mode to fight in many levels vs different creatures, plants and more. The PVP Mode will also be enjoyable as players will fight against each other and the leaderboard to win every season will be fun to watch. Daily Rewards, Special Rewards, Season Win Rewards to make the game even more exciting. 

4. What are clans? How will they help users win more and earn better rewards?

In Dark Planet Adventure Mode, there will be levels as said. Players to use their Warriors and Items to pass these levels will get harder and harder that sometimes one player alone will not be able to pass that level. In these situations “Clan Feature” will be key. Some players will be able to enter the Adventure Mode together and share the Rewards after mutual victories. Clans will have a special room on Discord and they can also communicate in the game menu or on Discord to arrange their battles and decide on their strategies. 

5. What are the different types of mines in the game? How can users get more from their mines?

We have a limited number of Mines. Just 147 Mines with 3 different types: Antarold Mine, Sirium Mine and Hyperborium Mine! Mine Owners will need to claim their mineral stones when the right time comes. Every 4,6 and 12 Hours depending on the mine type, claim will be available. With these Mineral Stones, mine owners can provide the needed crucial item for crafting new tools, avatars and seeds. Also during the Dark Planet Mode,  Warriors will be available to craft with HEMS Token + Mineral Stones. 

6. Tell us more about the land plot sales? How will they work as a valuable investment tool?

Our Final Game updates are close to being done. With Land Plots activated, the Production Mode will be ready. Owning land is important not to lose some part of the gained HEMS per production. Landowners will set a percentage that they want from the renter. Let’s say one landowner sets a 50% rent fee. This means, if the player with no land picks this land, then for all productions, 50% will be transferred to the Land Owner, 50% to the renter. 

The percentage can change and it’s only the Land Owners’ decision. For our Land Sales, we made crucial calls. All games sell their Lands for the highest prices. We decided to sell with Hems Token and also with Wax. All the sale income that will be generated through HEMS will be collected at the Reward Pool and the WAX  will be transferred to the Liquidity Pool. 

We do not care to make money from these sales and next sales as well. We care only to make the Production Mode more active and prepare a long-term targeted and balanced economy. 

7. What lies ahead on the Worlds of Dr. Hems roadmap? What can we look forward to in this year?

We are now making our Land Sales which will be followed by the Mine Sales. Making all these with HEMS Token means that there will be a need for HEMS Token for buyers. 

The HEMS PreSale is still active and there is a link on our main site. After these sales end, the final 4th Pack Sales will also be made with HEMS Token. 

When our game is completely finished and ready, we will start to promote our Dark Planet Mode Game on which we have already been working in the background for months. 

We intend to make the Dark Planet available within 2022. WODH Team is not just focused on Worlds of Dr. Hems or the Dark Planet. We have big targets and there is much more to come from our side. 

Our community will always have priority and we will accomplish many more projects together in the future. We are excited and we can not wait to announce our upcoming projects in the following period.

For more information on Worlds of Dr. Hems, please check out their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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