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How to get on IEO and what you have to do if you have decided to launch?

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How to get on IEO and what you have to do if you have decided to launch?
Source: Easy Listing

Everybody remembers 2017-early 2018 like an era of ICO; there were so many ups and downs.

We don’t want to remind you about this period and stress you again and suggest you review Initial Exchange Offering.

What is an Initial Exchange Offering?

If you want to participate in IEO you have to be a user of the hosting exchange, get through verification and only after this you can participate in the token sale.

And the main advantage is that you don’t have to send funds into a specific address, your funds will be saved as you will send them directly to exchange.

All respectable exchanges don’t want to lose their face that’s why IEO is safer for investors.

From the other side, there are so many cases from our experience that shows the negative side of Initial Exchange Offering such as:

– Fake fundraising that doesn’t show real situation on the market and misleads investors and projects.

Exchanges don’t want to lose their reputation and potential customers, that’s why they display on their launchpad 100% successfully fundraising.

For a project, these actions are also benefited in case if they haven’t raised anything as it will be hype around the project and after the project will start trading, tokens will have a demand.

If you want to launch an IEO and raise funds it is better to contact the professionals as you have to be sure that exchanges you are looking at are working fairly and they will really help to raise funds.

It is very important is to prepare a good marketing base before launching an IEO as if you will have marketing from exchange and marketing from your side so it will give you a double effect.

Easy Listing team can help you to launch a successfully IEO campaign as we have large experience with cooperation with exchanges and launching ICO/STO/IEO.

Contact us and our managers will assist you!

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Keeping Your Trading Safe: HEAT DECentralized Exchange

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Keeping Your Trading Safe: HEAT DECentralized Exchange
Source: Heat Ledger

Crypto traders deserve better than locked-up funds on exchange hacks.

In an era of massive hacks to centralized exchanges, crypto traders are looking for safer alternatives. It’s not only about losing your money but your identity and trade data.

The best way to keep your trading safe is by using decentralized crypto exchange platforms [DEX]. While there are not many in the market, a few have reached the maturity in technology and usability to become real alternatives to centralized exchanges.

These are experiencing growth as the result of users migrating to these more secure platforms. One of them is HEAT, a crypto wallet and integrated decentralized exchange live since 2017 and positively reviewed by professional crypto traders.

HEAT Wallet has been optimized for security, privacy, and performance. HEAT Wallet combines a multicurrency client-side wallet with an integrated decentralized asset exchange [DEX].

It allows you to easily and securely store, trade, transfer, manages, and issue your digital assets, stored on your own device, outside the reach of any potential attacks.

HEAT wallet and DEX currently supports BTC, ETH, ARDR, NXT, and FIMK cryptocurrencies, with more cryptosa added quarterly. Desktop clients are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a web wallet. Take a closer look at the specs of the last update, on this blog post.

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