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ILCoin gets listed on Coinmarketinfo-Another step towards greater transparency

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Source: Drofa

ILCoin, a cryptocurrency that’s been around since 2015, has been on the news a lot lately. After the hard fork that took place earlier this year, it is returning to the market with its brand new quantum-resistant C2P protocol. Currently, ILCoin HQ is busy renewing and making agreements with listings and exchanges, including Bit-Z, DigiFinex, CoinTiger, FUBT, and IDAX.

The project’s team has recently announced that – a listing and data aggregation website for cryptocurrencies-has updated the information about their project.

The importance of transparency

Today, transparency is the new trend in the crypto world. The mass birth and subsequent embryonic death of numerous ill-thought out and scam ICO projects in 2017-2018 resulted in the rise of distrust of the cryptosphere-and, as a result, strict regulations enforced by governments. Investors became more experienced and skeptical.

So it’s been a challenge for serious projects to enter the playing field and/or stay in it.

Norbert Goffa, the executive manager of ILCoin, commented,

“The big amount of valueless tokens and the stillborn ICOs started a selling wave. This is the reason why a bad reputation of cryptocurrency has been developed.”

One of the ways of earning more transparency and visibility is getting listed on trusted crypto data aggregation sites with accurate and detailed information. For most projects, it is no less important than appearing on exchanges.

It is also a good chance to get seen by the investors so they could easily access all the data on the currency and its performance in the market – and make an informed investment decision. After a recent update Coinmarketinfo’s website now lists more precise and detailed information about different cryptocurrencies, ILCoin included.

On ILCoin

ILCoin is a modern alternative of Bitcoin, but much more adapted to the modern crypto world. From the very beginning, the team has been betting on transparency and cutting-edge technology rather than pretty marketing and managed to achieve impressive results.

Goffa added,

“Сryptocurrencies needs sustainable technology. SHA-256 is a base that has more business potential than assumed by most people. ILCoin is best SHA-256-based cryptocurrency at this point”.

The main features of the coin are:

  • SHA-256
  • PoW + C2P consensus
  • quantum resistance
  • 25Mb block size
  • transaction capacity reaches 170K TX per block
  • 2.5 billion coins will be available in total
  • own smart contracts [in development]

New C2P consensus

The aim of the recent hard fork was to protect the cryptocurrency from 51% attacks and ensure the quantum-resistance of its blockchain. In order to do that, ILCoin dev team had to rewrite the core code from scratch. As a result, a one-of-a-kind C2P consensus was born. C2P is a multi-layered system based on different node functions and two-level system of digital signatures.

It is designed in a way so it does not slow down the system – on the contrary, the well thought-through architecture lets ILCoin perform up to 170K transactions per block.

ILCoin also supports a convenient wallet for all popular platforms. Web, Android, Windows and Mac versions are currently available. The wallet has a blocking mechanism to protect the owner from the theft of coins in the case if losing access to the wallet. Block Explorer is another service ILCoin offers: it allows its users to monitor transactions and network statistics.

Joining Coinmarketinfo and future plans

In 2019, the company aims to achieve even greater technological advances. Norbert Goffa shared with us his prognosis,

“By the end of this year, we will complete the development of our own smart contracts and this step will make ILCoin the most modern and universal cryptocurrency on Earth in every term”.

The coin’s community is growing at a steady pace, as it is getting more and more followers on social media. Even though marketing is not the main vector of the company, having a strong community around the coin is vital for success.

Listing on Coinmarketinfo is another step for ILCoin on the way to achieving greater visibility and, therefore, earning more trust of the crypto community. Right now, the listing website makes it possible to see all the exchanges where the projects’ ILC coin is being traded, all the volumes and trading pairs.

For more information on ILCoin feel free to check out the official website and join ILCoin Telegram community.

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How to Buy BTC for Just 10% of its Value on YouHodler

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How to Buy BTC for Just 10% of its Value on YouHodler
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As FinTech platform YouHodler expands it’s services to clients, users are unlocking new, creative ways to take advantage of the crypto market. Take the platform’s “buy crypto with fiat” for example. With this method, combined with YouHodler’s 90% LTV, a user can buy BTC for just 10% of its value. Here’s how it works in three simple steps.


With YouHolder’s recently introduced feature, user’s can buy BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, EOS, BAT, REP and more directly on the platform with fiat [USD and EUR with a credit card or bank wire]. Users can get large discounts on crypto purchases. For this specific example, let’s see how someone can buy 1 BTC for just 10% of its value using the following three-step method on YouHodler:

For this example, let’s say 1 BTC = $8000

Source: Youhodler

Step 1: Use $8000 in cash to buy 1 BTC on YouHodler [Note: This is temporary capital that will be repaid in about 15 minutes]. Alternatively, you could borrow the $8,000 from your traditional business funds to use in this scenario.

Source: Youhodler

Step 2: Use this 1 BTC as collateral on YouHodler. With 90% LTV, you get 90% of $8,000 sent to you in cash or USDT. Use this to pay back the $8000 to wherever you borrowed the original capital from.

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Step 3: You now have 1 BTC sitting in collateral that you only paid 10% for [$800]. Now, simply wait for the market to rise again before repaying the loan and getting your 1 BTC. You are only responsible for paying back the 1 BTC at its value at the time of the loan. So if it rises to $9,000, $10,000 or beyond, you keep all additional profits.

Note: This can be a risky strategy if the market takes a rapid price drop.


While the previous example focused on YouHodler’s 90% LTV tariff option, users should know there are a variety of channels one can access depending on their individual needs. Whether you want quick cash, 8-day loan term with 80% LTV for a long term 120-day loan with more flexibility, there is plenty to choose from to suit your strategy.

Customizable tariffs are also available upon request. Considering all available options is an important part of your risk management strategy. Hence, YouHodler always recommends a thorough due diligence process before pursuing any financial activities.

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