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Incorporating a sustainable approach: Interview with Eco Park Resort Group CEO Nick Vermeyen

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Eco Park Resort Group aims to develop a self-sustainable Eco Resort Park that would use natural resources in order to power its infrastructure and tokenize its securities through blockchain technology.

The platform taps into the concept of real estate asset tokenization wherein a real estate asset is converted into a token on the blockchain and put up for sale. This innovative method can help organizations and companies raise capital from crowd sales and thereby makes the funding accessible to a broader section of the audience.

Eco Park Resort Group’s utility token ECO is developed for use to pay for any services or products in their resorts. The token is currently in its presale round and can be bought here.

In conversation with Eco Park Resort Group CEO and founder, Nick Vermeyen we discussed the Eco Park Resort Group platform, their presale, the Eco Coin, collaborations, and much more.

1. Tell us more about your vision behind creating the Eco Park Resort Group?

The vision and the idea behind creating Eco Park Resort are that after being in the Real Estate industry for the past years I learned that young families, find it harder to come up with a down payment for a house since the Real Estate market is climbing every year in prices so I came up with the idea of fractional ownership, started doing my research, turns out that it is something that isn’t widely done, even though it has been around for several years, but due to the paperwork involved it just isn’t attractive enough for big investor groups or construction companies.

After reading more and more about Tokenization with Blockchain Technology, I threw myself into my work and did all the research I possibly could on fractional ownership combined with blockchain technology, and turn that into a concept where we can give mainstream access to investments, while at the same time being able to enjoy different benefits.

Some friends told me their parents bought an apartment together with a few other couples, the construction company is and stays the main investor and holds most of the building but all the other smaller investors like my friend’s parents, own part of the apartment building, enjoying tax advantages and earning a side income, while at the same time having a place to go to every year and have a family vacation.Then we created the concept of Eco Park Resorts and refined it over the past year during covid-19, took all the ideas, market research, possibilities, etc… together, and made it into what we stand for today.

 Eco Park Resort is a project that will mainly focus on bringing access to investments for all households with different forms of investing, being it in our Utility Token ECO Coin or our future Security Tokens, and become part-owners of the park, this way small investors can start within their budget, and big investors can diversify their portfolio or invest a custom set amount.

As well will we focus on Eco-Development and be an example to other resorts and hotels, to tokenize their securities and implement blockchain technology into their corporate structure, and climate change into their business model, meaning you do not need to lose any comfort or style by incorporating Eco-friendly materials and ways of construction. 

2. What makes the platform stand out from the rest of the space?

It’s a unique concept, Not one hotel or resort chain has done this before, as far as we know we are the first in the Hospitality Industry to ever tokenize their assets using Blockchain technology, and this is on a Carbon Free Blockchain, thanks to Polygon.

 Of course, there are companies out there that tokenized their stocks already or implemented blockchain technology into their corporate structure, but focusing on Eco-Development and being a Luxury Hotel or Resort, No, not yet, & we are the ones or at-least hope to become one of the industry leaders and set the example to other big hotel & resort chains in the world.

3. What is the Eco Coin? What are the use cases of the coin?

Eco Coin is our Utility token, based on the Polygon blockchain technology. It is one of the core assets of Eco Park Resorts. Users possessing Eco Coins can buy them, to hold, stake & earn rewards, book their holidays, or use them in our Resorts and enjoy a membership and a fixed discount based on the number of Eco Coins they hold in their wallets, these discounts apply on almost every service in our Eco Park Resorts. 

Examples being, pay your bill in our restaurant or bar, paying for any service offered, and even buying or exchanging your token will be an option in the future.

 Main Features

  •  The first cryptocurrency token dedicated to Eco Development 
  •  Holders will be able to stake, earn rewards or discounts
  •  Community Vote in activities in our Resorts 
  •  Unique Eco System 
  •  Security Token Backed 
  •  10% of Total Supply for Humanitarian Aid

 4. Tell us about your pre-sale? Where can users buy the Eco Coin?

Our Pre-Sale will take place on the Pinksale.Finance platform, them being a well known and trusted platform we choose to do it with them as they offer other options as well, for example, team vesting to let the community see you are vesting your tokens or locking your tokens to maximize trust to any investor on the Pinksale Platform.

 The Pre-Sale Price on Pinksale will be: 1 MATIC = 20 ECO (0,08$ depending on price change)

The Public Sale Price on Exchanges will be: 1 MATIC = 14 ECO (0,11$ depending on price change) 

Only 0,07% is allocated for the Pre-Sale, so it is a real opportunity for traders looking for a token that can bring huge value in the future. 

My, advice? 

Buy your ECO now, HODL as long as you can, and sell when we open our first park, just wait and see what will happen in the next months.

 Token Symbol: ECO

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ECO

Pre-Sale Supply: 7,000,000 ECO

Pre-Sale Start: 07.05.2022

Pre-Sale End: 22.05.2022


Audit link:

5. Are there any partnerships or collaborations that we can look forward to?

As to our partnerships, we have some exciting news to announce!

We are partnering with after reaching our investment caps in the pre-sale.

Stobox is a well-known Company and a 4-time award-winning company, promoting the adoption of the crypto-economy and building a diverse ecosystem of products and services. 

 Other partnerships included being listed on the following exchanges: 


We looking forward to announcing more in the future!

6. Community engagement is an important part of any platform. How are you ensuring that you engage your community?

We launched an Airdrop that was ongoing until the 5th of May, and by now more than 1000 people signed up, fulfilled all tasks, and dropped their wallet address to receive their tokens after the pre-sale is completed.As well are we having an Early Investor Loyalty Program which will run continuously during the Pre-Sale to motivate people to invest in Eco Coin, the reward is: Buy at least 500 MATIC worth of ECO Coin and get whitelisted to receive an additional 100-500 Eco Coins for free, if they did the airdrop as well then they got to enjoy an even bigger reward!

This way we want to thank our Early Birds for supporting us in our Journey. Early Bird Whales, Venture Capital, or Independent Investor, that want to invest a custom amount can always contact us directly to speak about what we can offer them as a reward: They will of course also get invited to special events. As can they apply to even become a board member depending on the amount they plan to invest.

In the Resort, we will also provide co-working offices and mentoring for starting entrepreneurs in the crypto or NFT space, real estate. We will reserve a spot in every Eco Park Resort to construct our In-House NFT Gallery! I personally think that our future NFT Gallery is one of the biggest community engagement factors we have right now because the NFT space is so hyped up. 

So we want to give digital artists the chance to promote and sell their first digital artwork since NFT Galleries are mostly reserved right now for high end hyped up NFT projects and have nothing or not much to do anymore with the authenticity of the art, we would love to be a change for them and provide them with an honest chance to launch their collection and promote and sell it to their community.

7. What lies ahead on the Eco Park Resort Group roadmap? Talk to us about it

Road-map 2022

2nd Quarter, 2022

  • Development Utility Token -Website + Social Media Design 
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of our ECO COIN on Pinksale.Finance, 

Our Utility Token, used for a various number of services 

  • SPV Incorporation

3rd Quarter, 2022 

  • STO (Security Token Offering) for the further development of the Resort 
  • Design reveal of our 1st Eco Resort. 
  • Prospecting of land, finalizing, construction plans, licensing. 
  • Start Development of our Eco Resort.

4th Quarter, 2022 

  • Reveal all the functions of our ECOCOINS. (Staking, Rewards, etc…) 
  • Pre Opening Event (Guestlist). 
  • Optimizing website & platforms for the park & management of our tokens.

 Road-map 2023

1st Quarter, 2023

  • Grand opening of the 1 Eco Park Resort (if everything is according to plans, still subject to change) 
  • Securing future partnerships + investors

2nd Quarter, 2023 

  • Poll in our community to analyze where to open our second resort. 
  • Reveal separate unique real estate tokenization projects.

3rd Quarter, 2023 

  • Reveal of poll results for opening the second resort 
  • Prospecting regions for the second park 
  • Reveal of second park design + location

4th Quarter, 2023 

  • STO (Security Token Offering) for the further development of the second Resort 
  • Design reveal of our 2nd Eco Resort. 
  • Prospecting of land, finalizing, construction plans, licensing. 
  • Start Development of our Eco Resort.

For more information on Eco Park Resort Group, please check out their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice. 


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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