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Machi X Beta launch sets pace for new Intellectual Property marketplaces

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Machi X Beta Launch Sets Pace for New Intellectual Property Marketplaces
Source: Pixabay

Machi X – an open marketplace for copyright and intellectual property rights -has officially launched its Beta version of the platform, setting the standard for blockchain-based tokenization of copyright and IP rights. Originally conceived by famous Taiwanese musician, Jeffrey Huang, Machi X connects fans and artists directly, enabling fans to purchase fractionalized ownership in artist creations [i.e., songs] via tokenized copyrights.

Artists and musicians have struggled to keep pace with the rise of P2P technologies that have largely precluded them from maximizing their opportunities for profiting from their work. Further, the prevalence of intermediaries in traditional music revenue structures has hindered better profits for artists.

Machi X changes that paradigm, by removing costly intermediaries and allowing content creators to focus on their craft, giving them the power to maximize the potential of their pieces.

Fans and supporters of musicians can buy tokens representing fractional ownership in song copyrights with ERC-20 compatible tokens [i.e., on Ethereum] and store them in collections on the market or in wallets – even cold storage wallets.

Users can buy copyright tokens using Machi X, USDT, and Maker Dai currently. The platform plans on expanding its support of other tokens following the Beta.

There are three current artists with IP tokens available on the Beta, including Stanley Huang, Nicky Lee, and Khalil Fong. In total, eight IP tokens are available for trading. Machi X is planning on extending their offering of IP tokens further into the creative landscape, targeting movies and TV shows on its future roadmap.

Jeffrey Huang came up with the idea for Machi X following his own struggles in consistently receiving royalty payments and losing out to expensive middlemen that extracted large portions from his bottom line. Founder of both Mithril and 17 Live, Asia’s largest streaming app, Huang strives to foster a new open era for both content creators and their fans to benefit.

Machi X is a ‘Mithril Forged Company,’ and expects to list the Mithril Token as a way to give back to the broader ecosystem that it is a part of.

Machi X offers an alternative funding option to artists outside the limitations of traditional licensing and intermediary-prone avenues. Based in Taiwan, the current artists are well-known and award-winning musicians in Asia.

Following the Beta, the platform will add support for more artists and musicians who can distribute IP tokens representing a stake in their work for fans to collect and profit from their market price and correlating royalty revenue.

The Machi X token airdrop is scheduled for April 15th, 2019, and you can follow the project through their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as their Telegram channel.

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Healthereum, the blockchain platform for modern healthcare

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Healthereum, the blockchain platform for modern healthcare
Source: Amrit Mirchandani

Safety and rewards both have essential places in the current work. It is the age of technology, and so more and more businesses are availing the blockchain platform to add a layer to themselves. The same is happening with healthcare which is a crucial part of the society and will be at certain times. Without adequate technology, healthcare cannot progress, and it cannot possibly accept everyone into its sphere.

A blockchain platform can transform it into a wholesome one where everything from payments to bookkeeping to patient-doctor interaction can happen smoothly. Already, a lot of the healthcare industry has been thinking about moving in such a direction.

With a start-up such as Healthereum LLC, this becomes a reality for the healthcare industry. Apart from keeping the complete data safe, it also acts as the platform which can fill the gap between a patient and their healthcare provides, a patient engagement platform. The start-up focuses on patient incentives for fulfilling tasks requested by one’s doctor. Rewards are always a great way to motivate people. So, the rewards that one gets can be used to gather more patient data which is needed to better one at providing excellent healthcare. The platform is a global blockchain, and the reward that one gets is in the form of HEALTH tokens.

The reward works as such that the patients will want to get rewards and for that they will need to: meet their appointments at the right time, fill out surveys, and engage with other healthcare tasks. Along with that, the doctors are connected to the patients even after they have left the clinic. Through the blockchain platform, the doctors can send messages to their patients and vice versa. The patient interface is known as HELIO or Healthereum Life Portfolio. And for healthcare providers, it is called HELIO[S] or HELIO Syndicate. The provider can send rewards to the patients once they complete the specified tasks. They can use the rewards in return of healthcare benefits from the providers whenever they need it. It creates a cycle of tokens between the healthcare providers and the patients.

Who will be the participants in Healthereum?

As the blockchain is related to health, it is evident that it wouldn’t be just a doctor and patient platform. There will be several other participants who become a part of this global healthcare blockchain. Some of them include the individual who is signing up for the platform as a patient, the provider who is trying to help people who need their help, the hospitals who are in partnership with the doctors so that they can approve them and also help them, corporations, the government, and the insurers all are participants. Everyone has equal parts to play in the platform which will provide it the wholesomeness that it needs to perform well.

What about Security Tokens?

To make the Healthereum platform a reality people need to invest in the idea. So, what is the surety that their investment will become a success? To answer this question, security tokens are significant for such services. Healthereum does have security tokens which are like an added layer of trust just like it happens in the stock market. Their security tokens are known as HLTH, and they are different from the utility tokens distributed in the platform. HLTH represents a unit ownership of Healthereum. Even a country like the US has made it mandatory to prevent ICO fraud.

This idea will be beneficial for the provider as well as for the investors. In all, Healthereum strives to eradicate the inconsistencies present in the healthcare field and sores to make it a better place for everyone. The blockchain platform can be the next big step that healthcare currently needs.

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