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Nagezeni to raffle off Lamborghini in contest starting from December 3, 2018

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Nagezeni to raffle off Lamborghini in contest starting from December 3, 2018
Source: CoinSuper

The Japanese Nagezeni project is thrilled to announce a tremendous New Year trading contest in partnership with CoinSuper exchange. Users will get a unique chance to win Lamborghini Huracan Coupe, premium watches and 160.5 ETH in total.

The contest will last for 14 days, from December 3 at 11:00 [GMT+8] to December 17 at 23:59 [GMT+8]. To take part in the competition, people should trade NZE tokens on CoinSuper during the campaign. Any user who has bought more NZE coins than sell the tokens, will automatically become a participant.

The contest is conducted by Nagezeni and CoinSuper, one of the largest exchange platforms in Asia. It is dealing with 72 pairs of cryptocurrencies and included in the top 25 exchanges internationally. More than one million customers use the CoinSuper’s services.

Nagezeni is a blockchain-driven solution that allows people to donate and support their favorite bloggers and online content creators in cryptocurrency. The company has successfully completed the token sale and is listed on CoinSuper. NZE tokens are currently traded in two pairs – NZE/BTC and NZE/ETH.

To celebrate listing on the exchange, Nagezeni together with CoinSuper carries out this large-scale contest and raffles off Lamborghini, premium watches and other presents among traders. In total, more than 1000 people will become winners.

The following prizes will be distributed to the traders:

  • Rank 1: Lamborghini Huracán
  • Rank 2: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 42mm Stainless Steel Aftermarket Diamond +15 ETH
  • Rank 3: Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Black Edition Zalium OCEATZ44ZZ007 +10 ETH
  • Rank 4: Franck Muller Vanguard Stainless Steel Aftermarket Full Diamond V45 SC DT +5 ETH
  • Rank 5: Rolex Submarine Ref.116610LN Black Bezel Stainless Steel Double name with Schlumberg +3 ETH
  • Rank 6 to 10 – 2 ETH [10 ETH]
  • Rank 11 to 25 – 1 ETH [15 ETH]
  • Rank 26 to 50 – 0.5 ETH [12.5 ETH]
  • Rank 51 to 100 – 0.3 ETH [15 ETH]
  • Rank 101 to 200 – 0.2 ETH [20 ETH]
  • Rank 201 to 500 – 0.1 ETH [30 ETH]
  • Rank 501 to 1000 – 0.05 ETH [25 ETH]

The more NZE tokens users will trade, the better prizes they will get. According to the campaign rules, only transactions carried out during the campaign will be counted. The organizers will make every effort to make the contest as much transparent and fair as possible. The volume of market-makers and contra-trades as well as the volume of zero-fee accounts will not be taken into consideration.

The winners will be announced one working day after the competition. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the contest. Note that top 25 winners must complete the KYC process within 7 days after the winner announcement.

“The motto of our contest is “Your challenge. Your Lambo”. We’ve met our challenge and reached a huge milestone on our roadmap. Now it’s your turn to answer your challenge. Don’t miss your chance to win a luxurious car, start trading right now, and get your Lambo!” the Nagezeni team calls crypto community for action.

To learn more about the contest and conditions of participation, visit the official websites of Nagezeni and CoinSuper, follow Nagezeni project on Twitter and Facebook, as well as ask any questions on Telegram.

About Nagezeni

Founded in 2016, Nagezeni is working on a blockchain-based solution that will allow various bloggers, artists, and other online content creators to receive tipping and donations from their fans in NZE tokens. They will be able to spend the received digital money on advertising and promotion, as well as launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on the Nagezeni platform. Based on enhanced Bitcoin blockchain, these transactions will be quick, secure, cheap, and scalable.

To know more about the contest, click here!

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Press Release

Ampleforth [AMPL] To Conduct First IEO on BitFinex and Ethfinex’s Blockchain Project Launch Platform, Tokinex, in June

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Ampleforth [AMPL] To Conduct First IEO on BitFinex and Ethfinex’s Blockchain Project Launch Platform, Tokinex, in June
Source: Pixabay

Ampleforth expected ticker symbol AMPL, announced today it will be the first initial exchange offering to be conducted on Bitfinex&Ethfinex’s token project launch platform, Tokinex.

Ampleforth’s whitepaper, co-authored by Manuel Ricon Cruz, a researcher at the Hoover Institute, introduces the Ampleforth protocol. Further context for understanding the implications of AMPL as a new type of synthetic commodity and economic theory is provided in the accompanying Red Book.

The appeal of digital assets like Bitcoin is that they are uncorrelated with traditional asset groups. But, among large-cap digital assets, there is a high degree of non-diversifiable risk and the price volatility of most cryptocurrencies mimic that of Bitcoin.

Evan Kuo, CEO, and founder of Ampleforth said, 

“We see Amples as having a near-term utility that naturally dovetails into a much bigger vision, and I can’t wait to see it unfold. The Bitfinex and Ethfinex user communities are among the best in the industry, and we are excited to work alongside the Tokinex team for Amples’ exchange debut.”

Ampleforth’s protocol receives exchange-rate information from trusted oracles and propagates that to holders of Amples by proportionally increasing or decreasing the number of tokens each individual holds according to the magnitude of the exchange rate fluctuations over the previous 24 hrs.

For traders, these changes in the exchange rate and quantity translate into changes in Ample’s market capitalization. Ultimately, unique trader behavior in response to the protocol’s incentives is expected to produce an asset price with lower correlation to Bitcoin than other digital assets.

Jean-Louis van der Velde, CEO at Bitfinex, stated 

“The Ampleforth project is fascinating to us with its refreshing vision to become a unique digital asset and serve as a potential future reserve currency. We believe it can provide a unique volatility profile, uncorrelated to other digital and traditional assets. This uncharted territory makes Ampleforth, and the team behind it, the perfect first project to list on Tokinex and we are excited to provide an opportunity for the community to be a part of it.”

Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital said,

“Ampleforth is interesting because there’s not another asset like it, so it will likely not be correlated with other large-cap cryptocurrencies. With more traders and enthusiasts entering the ecosystem since the last rise, there needs to be an option like AMPLs, which could reduce the risk for the entire space, and potentially attract more institutional interest.”

About Ampleforth

Ampleforth is a digital asset protocol for smart commodity-money funded by Brian Armstrong, True Ventures, Pantera Capital, and Slow Ventures. For more information, please visit our website.

About Tokinex

Launched in May 2019, Tokinex is the IEO platform of Bitfinex and Ethfinex that brings fair opportunity to participate in curated token projects. It gives qualified participants the chance to contribute to pre-vetted token sales directly from their personal wallet through common crypto assets, and with no personal data or funds held by the exchange.

Tokinex uniquely does not require tokens to pay an upfront fee for listing and following a successful capital raise are subsequently listed on the two exchanges as permitted by applicable law.

For further information please contact.

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