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Oaziz: The team behind the sale of the first-ever Tesla as NFT

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The inception of blockchain technology was a massive step toward the financial revolution that has taken the world by storm. The constant rise of masses joining the blockchain space is mesmerizing. However, there are certain limitations surrounding the crypto space, resulting in a great diversion in the number of people becoming a part of blockchain technology and the number of people actually utilizing it. 

The continuous struggles of a newbie to deal with various jargon, going through the long process of switching between different blockchain platforms, and the widening gap between digital and physical worlds is what is leading to the disproportionate growth of blockchain technology. 

To address the same, OAZIZ, a blockchain-based platform, is on a mission to provide a frictionless experience between WEB3 and the physical world.

The first-ever Tesla as NFT sale 

The collaboration between Oaziz and “RSVMOTORS,” a German luxury car shop, has resulted in the latter bringing in a one-of-a-kind premium good to the Oaziz NFT marketplace for users to enjoy a better and speedier payment process. The Oaziz NFT works much beyond uploading digital artwork on the blockchain and establishing the object’s ownership via NFT technology. 

With the NFTs market maturing, we see companies emerging with new ways of using NFT technology. It is not about creating JPGs with apes anymore, it’s about creating real-world value.

Additionally, Car tokenization is the process of transferring assets using a smart contract while also selling a car and a work of digital art (NFT). On the surface, it appears to be a picture, but in reality, it’s a blockchain-based certificate of vehicle purchase and proof of ownership that is now irrevocably linked to its smart contract. 

NFTs and blockchain bring collectors additional tools to prove ownership of special items and attach proof of history on it as well.

Check out the Tesla Model S’s journey from the Meta mask wallet to the customer’s hands.

What is the Oaziz ecosystem? 

The Oaziz ecosystem is curated by a team of experts, employing cutting-edge blockchain technology and striving towards a stand-out user experience. The ecosystem is designed in a way to create a borderless experience bridging the gap between the physical and digital assets exchanges. 

The working model of the platform works with a vision to become the most value-giving platform among digital artists, collectors, and  GameFi enthusiasts. Additionally, the core values of Oaziz revolve around decentralization, user governance, and real-world value. The multi-functional platform allows users to perform numerous operations at a single destination. 

As a multi-chain NFT marketplace, the Oaziz ecosystem is gaining traction. Thereby, enabling users to create digital art, collect their favorite NFTs, engage in the Voting Senate (OVS), and be a part of the future thinking community.

Oaziz NFT marketplace- physical and digital items tokenization

The OAZIZ NFT marketplace operates on multiple blockchains including Polygon,  Ethereum, and Solana. In the near future, we will see implementations of Avalanche and Hedera smart contracts.

Oaziz Marketplace is investigating the usage of NFC chips to verify physical items on blockchain as one of its cutting-edge features. supporting mobile app-based item authentication
The easy-to-use UI/UX makes it an engaging platform for both novice and professional users. Users can utilize NFTs as tokenized digital and physical assets which can be traded on the NFT marketplace. 

From exchanging information with professionals and fellow artists to receiving marketing assistance from specialists to discovering possible partners or investors, the NFT marketplace is the solution to all these problems. Once the registration is over, users can connect their wallet or register themselves manually and get access to the NFT marketplace where they can list their work for a fixed price or in an auction, tokenize their digital assets and upload them to the blockchain. 

OAZIZ and its user-oriented tokenomics 

OAZIZ is the utility token of the platform with a total supply cap of 1,000,000,000 OAZIZ tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain without further issuance. 

According to tokenomics, 30% of the total token goes towards the ecosystem, 15.5% is for staking, 10% goes to the team and 8% is reserved. Additionally, 8% is for seeds, 9% goes to marketing, and 5% is for liquidity. Private and public sectors are allocated 7.5% and 3% respectively, and 4% is kept aside for the advisers.  

OAZIZ provides various use cases to the token holders which are as follows: 

  • Buying / selling NFTs on the Oaziz NFT marketplace;
  • Staking;
  • Providing Affiliate program rewards ;
  • OAZIZ Senate voting system (OVS);

The Oaziz ecosystem creates room for both buyers and sellers to tokenize their digital as well as physical items and sell them as NFTs. The easy-to-use interface of the Oaziz ecosystem makes it easy for both newbies and experts to tokenize their physical items and create an immutable registry of their art copyright records.

Post tokenization, users can upload their tokenized assets to the blockchain via smart contracts, and using the API module architecture of the platform, the tokenization becomes a cakewalk. It is the physical item tokenization feature of the platform that resulted in the sale of the first-ever Tesla in the form of NFT. 

Closing thoughts 

Oaziz is a place where users can showcase their art and talent and artists can focus on their work, allowing them to express themselves and their abilities fully. The platform provides users with the opportunity to earn competitive advantages with the right solutions. 

Physical item tokenization leveraging blockchain technology securitizes assets, both traded and non-traded. The former also facilitates users with the benefits of increased liquidity, bolstered risk management, minimal costs, and speedy settlement. 

Moreover, the problem-solving-oriented team and the in-house marketing assistance for the artists offer a user suite of Web 3.0 technologies that merges the border between the digital and physical worlds. 

To know more about the Oaziz ecosystem, visit the official website or follow them on Twitter or TikTok

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.



Ishika is a graduate of Political Science from the University of Delhi. From writing content as a hobby to now pursuing it as a professional career, she has been living and breathing content all her life. Her interests lie in making sure articles are very digestible to a common reader, despite all its technicalities and jargons.
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