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ProBit exchange lists XPX/ BTC; $40,000 worth of XPX coins up for grab



ProBit exchange lists XPX/ BTC; $40,000 worth of XPX coins up for grab
Source: ProBit

ProBit Exchange is glad to announce a new pairing to list ProximaX [XPX]. The XPX/BTC pairing will be made available on November 30, 2018, on ProBit Exchange.
ProBit token holders are eligible for all five contests and stand a chance to earn the most in this campaign. Users can purchase PROB tokens on the official website.

  • Trading Competition & Airdrops Details – 7,500,000 XPX
  • Duration – November 30, 2018 – December 13, 2018

1. Trade XPX, Earn XPX Duration 

  • Trading competition for XPX/BTC wherein 3,000,000 XPX will be airdropped to top 100 global users, ex-Korea, proportional to the volume of XPX traded
  • Trading competition for XPX/BTC wherein 1,000,000 XPX will be airdropped to Top 100 users based in Korea proportional to the volume of XPX traded

2. Deposit XPX Coins, Earn XPX 

  • If users deposit more than 12,000 XPX coins on ProBit exchange, then they will receive 1,000,000 XPX, split equally between all eligible users.

3. Social Media 

  • Users are required to join ProximaX and ProBit exchange telegram group and then fill up a form to receive XPX on ProBit exchange. 1,000,000 XPX will be split between all eligible entries.

4. Hold PROB, Earn XPX

  • Additionally, holders of PROB tokens will receive 1,500,000 XPX split proportionally, according to PROB tokens held by the user.

5. Trade XPX, Earn PROB Duration

  • Until 50% of PROB tokens have been mined, users who trade XPX will receive PROB tokens. PROB tokens will be equivalent in value to 80% of trading fees incurred.

About ProximaX:
It is a next-generation Blockchain and Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology – IaDLT project. ProximaX offers an easy-to-program enriched platform solution with decentralized data proofing, storage, messaging, and streaming content delivery for a wide range of industries, resulting in a low total cost of ownership. For more information, please visit the official website of ProximaX.
For more information:

ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale:
ProBit is holding a Pre-Sale Event of ProBit Tokens (PROB) from November 5 to 28.  ProBit Tokens are available at a 10% bonus during this period. Mainsale is ongoing from 30th November 2018 to 30th December 2018.
PROB tokens are never used for bounty and marketing services. 20% of ProBit Exchange profits will be used to buyback PROB tokens.
Purchase PROB tokens on their official website

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