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Quick guideline or Let us introduce EtherMium

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EtherMium is a cutting-edge solution for pro-traders as well as newbies, the exchange performs all the upsides of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. From the time of the cryptocurrency market appearance to mankind, multiple trading solutions have been entering the market. The issue is what rides EtherMium to be over the competition?
Safety first! EtherMium safety is obviously remarkable and worth attention. The clue of success consists of 2 base components working in one team – smart contracts and order book service. The smart contract ensures that it is you and only you are in the custody of your assets. Generally, it can be compared to the advanced bank account, but with the significant upper hand. Notably, the movement of one user’s assents is possible if only a confirming message is signed from both sides – of the buyer and the seller and, in addition, exclusively upon the address of the user. Accordingly, assets’ storage on the contract is as secure and reliable as holding funds in your personal wallet.
What is striking about book order service is that orders are stored on the server instead of the blockchain. The security check is integrated into the contract and requires a double-match of the signature to conduct the transaction. EtherMium is pioneering DEX running book order service which makes competitive advantage and helps to stand out of the countless similar products. Therefore, EtherMium team encompasses all the best security features to assure risk-free trade within the platform.
Mentioning orders, it is necessary to point out, that EtherMium DEX is the pioneering exchange making possible the use of limit orders and stop orders. As the market is fluctuating and unpredictable, involving these tools give EtherMium a significant head start. The best type of order depends on the current state of affairs and broker’s target.

Now let us clarify a bit:
You should pay attention to the limit order whenever possible or simply most of the time. After setting the desirable price the trader is just patiently waiting. If the limit orders are managed correctly, you won’t have to do anything else when it comes to trading. A good tactic is tiering your limits. Example: Peter buys Y-coin at $275 and wants to sell at $300, set sells at intervals between $290 – $310. If they all fill the average will be $300, if not, then at least you get some sells.
A stop-sell order or so-called a “stop loss”. For example, a trader chooses a price higher for selling, or lower for buying, that he wants to trigger a market order at.  A stop order places a market order when a certain price condition is met. So it works like a limit order, it goes on the books, but it buys or sells like a market order.
Understanding orders and building a personal trading strategy is a key issue, even though trading bots are always at your disposal.
Further, in this article, you will discover some more one-of-the-kind EtherMium features.
List of Up Front NOs. NO KYC, NO limits, NO risks of being hacked or robbed!
Passing know-your-customer every time, on a constant basis, is quite a cumbersome process for crypto-enthusiasts. To start trading with EtherMium users don’t have to confirm their identity by providing scan proofs of the identification documents or any other personal data. It is beneficial and crucial point making the registration process quick and simple for the residents all over the world. Users merely have to create an account and maintain an ETH wallet. We are in charge of anonymous transactions!
Usually, exchanges set certain restrictions on the trade, deposit, and withdrawal amount. With ETH, all the transactions are unlimited, anonymous and are conducted P2P.
Innovative security points guaranteed, neither hackers nor the owners of the exchange have the access to users’ personal data and funds. We should highlight, that the money transactions take place only in case a user gives their private keys information.

Advanced List of currencies to trade
Today users are able to trade various ERC-20 based tokens. All in all, 1108 tokens are currently listed and available on the EtherMium. But what makes EtherMium superior is the unique opportunity to transact otherwise than Etherium tokens and commodities.
Soon, every user will enjoy trading the assets from various blockchains. For instance, Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Litecoin [LTC], Dash and many more. Providing a wide diversity of the listed coins will significantly boost the volume of the exchange. But that is not even the most attractive extension of the EtherMium. “What can be better?” – you may ask.

We are pioneers on the market
“We want to build the most advanced and popular exchange that will allow people to buy and sell tokens as well as derivatives”

  1. Regarding the previous question, the better can only be an exclusive chance to trade by-products as effortless as trading ERC-20 tokens. What does the team mean by derivative solutions?
    • Stocks. Soon company stocks will be set up within the EtherMium exchange. The aim is to enable company stocks tradable and easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. To top it all, we are going to deploying the most top-selling stocks. For example, Tesla and Apple.
    • Commodities. With EtherMium exchange cryptocurrency traders will pave the path to Gold, Oil, and Gas transactions.
    • Indices. The revolutionary way of trading world famous indices like S&P Dow Jones.
  2. EtherMium aims to become the leading service assisting ICO token sales. Moreover, it is worth drawing attention to the one-of-a-kind EtherMium feature to list the boundless number of tokens as a part of the Launchpad. This trait opens doors for ICOs and their tokens. How?
    • EtherMium aims to support ICO’s from the beginning or creating its own token for crowd sale. The situation, for now, is that start-up’s collect money straight from customers or early bird investors [depending on the stage]. The process of raising funds takes place through the proprietary collection systems, that are can hardly be called secure. For that reason, ICO’s assets are on the verge of becoming a victim of hackers or thieves.

Nowadays, EtherMium is the solution for ICO’s to conduct safe crowd sale using all the benefits of smart contracts.
Launching the ICO with EtherMium is a groundbreaking way to display a start-up to the involved audience, i.e. crypto-enthusiasts, traders, and lark investors.
Let EtherMium help you capitalize instantly with an Affiliate program
The amazing part about dealing with EtherMium exchange is a chance to take advantage with no risks. At the same time, the referral program appears as a great tool to help the exchange get promoted on various channels. Becoming an affiliate is easy even for the newcomers, who have no skills for trading and are not well acquainted with professional tools and terminology.

How can you start earning right now?

  1. Just pass to the Affiliate section on the dashboard. You will get profit with the help of the referral link generated exclusively for your account. There is no need for the registration, the only condition is to add ETH wallet address to the website link. Here we go – the link is ready to be shared and your wallet is ready to receive tokens. Sharing with referrals might be easier with service, which makes the link shorter and makes it possible to post it on various promotional channels.
  2. It is important and lucrative that a user gets paid in the currency of the trade, which can be easily converted to ETH on the exchange. At the same time, if the referee sells coins you get paid in ETH. Why is it beneficial for you as an Affiliate? The secret is that you get to profit from the tokens that are ascending in price, which means your profits are going up either way!

How much might the passive income be up to? Well, it is directly dependant on your referees. But DEX guarantee:

  1. 50% of the trading fee [compared to the 40% on Binance exchange] right after the transaction is concluded.
  2. 25% forever trading fee, this feature is highlighted in the EtherMium contract. So it is impossible to wake up one day without your honestly earned commission! The revenue is unstoppable and you will get paid every time the referee performs a transaction.

It is worth attention that the warrant of the payments is coded in the smart contracts. So, no one from the team will ever be able to change or stop this opportunity to benefit.
You receive money instantly, no delays! As soon as the transaction is carried out the balance of you wallet increases, so it makes sense to spread the word and the links on the ETH exchange. In addition, the fee you earned can be easily and immediately withdrawn. So, your profits are unlimited and only hinge on the user’s engagement.
Don’t waste your time thinking, just join! EtherMium is generous with its bonuses.
To sum up, EtherMium is a catch for those who are searching for advanced security and straightforward registration process all at the same time. The exclusiveness of the exchange is in its pioneering features, namely, an extended list of currencies belonging to the other than ETH blockchains [BTC, LTC etc.] and an opportunity to trade derivative goods [ stocks, commodities, and indices]. Moreover, EtherMium’s primary goal is to help ICOs by securing crowd sale and drawing the attention of the target audience. This mixture is reinforcing by forever and lucrative affiliate program, which open doors even for market newbies.
We hope you will enjoy dealing with EtherMium DEX every day and will discover your own way to gain more profits from crypto!
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Biraajmaan covers market trends of major cryptocurrencies. As a graduate in engineering, his interests lie in Blockchain technology. With over a year as a journalist, his articles focus on US and UK markets.
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