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Revain project R token to be listed on the Nitrogen p2p lending network



Revain project R token to be listed on the Nitrogen p2p lending network
Source: Revain

The Revain project is delighted to announce the listing of its R Token on the exclusive list of cryptocurrencies on the Nitrogen p2p lending network.
Despite the recent slump in crypto price and the onset of a so-called “crypto winter”, the crypto lending segment is developing even in harsh market conditions. New instruments and services are appearing regularly on various platforms, thus spurring the interest of the crypto community and attracting institutional investors. The current volume on the lending market is high, and according to Bitfinex, rates on margin trading for BTC alone total about $250 million.
“The Revain project is a dynamically developing enterprise that has every chance of becoming a considerable asset on the crypto market thanks to its unique product offering. The addition of the R Token to the Nitrogen Network will create added benefits for its holders who will be able to capitalize on their assets and use it as leverage when lending. This move will improve both the standing of our company among the crypto community and the turnover of the R Token,” as stated by Rinat Arslanov, Revain CEO.
Revain is a blockchain-based review platform which aims to be an unbiased and fair medium for customers to post business reviews.
The R Token of the Revain project is a ERC20-standard token operating on the Ethereum blockchain with a current price of $0.220786, $106,959,742 market cap and 484,450,000 circulating supply. It’s mostly used for trading and exchanging. Nitrogen is a decentralized peer-to-peer lending network based on the Ethereum blockchain.
It provides an opportunity for a range of market participants to generate income, liquidity, or hedge their risks, and take varied investment views on the cryptocurrency market. Users can already operate with Ether and ERC20 tokens to borrow/lend or use them as collateral. But the team is working on the development of its cross-chain solution based on atomic swaps, so users will have a choice of assets from other blockchains, including Bitcoin, EOS and others.

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