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Revoland the chain game project by Chain X Game to be first blockchain game on Huawei Cloud



The long-awaited Revoland will be officially released in April 2022. The team aims to highlight how entertaining chain game can be and the progress it is making in the Blockchain industry. It is not a traditional blockchain card game, but a variety of changes are added to the gameplay, allowing crypto players to truly enjoy the fun of PlaytoEarn.

For Chain X Game, the audience of its project is not only users and blockchain enthusiasts but also passionate gamers. Chain X Game’s first project, Puppy Planet, was a success, completing multiple milestones in just 3 months. In order to maintain the development momentum of Chain X Game, the team brings you Revoland with brand-new and extreme “play to earn” game experience through the most popular game types at present.

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can gather friends to form a team, fight with others, and earn token rewards for their individual skills. Revoland’s gameplay is designed to combine players’ individual skills and teamwork to challenge themselves in a variety of game modes, with attractive ranking rewards updated monthly.

Revoland is a product that truly integrates all the advantages of traditional mobile games, with a high degree of completion and entertainment to create a true “social gaming experience” and profit model.

The MOBA game is now a giant segment of eSports, and the newest product to the mainstream gaming industry over the past few years. Revoland’s Arena Mode features 6 unique game modes for players of all ages to enjoy eSports during their fragmented time. Revoland not only attracts players through the Play-to-Earn model, but also allows players to enjoy the ecosystem through intense gameplay. The profit of the entire ecosystem depends on the number of active users – generated by a preset tax model. There is reason to believe that only GameFi, which combines high-quality game production capabilities with a deep understanding of blockchain, can drive the next era of the game industry.

Revoland is also the first chain game built on Huawei Cloud and has received the full support from it. Huawei Cloud is Huawei’s cloud service brand, dedicated to providing leading public cloud services to global customers, including elastic cloud servers, cloud databases, cloud security, software development services and scenario-based solutions. It is believed that the cooperation between Revoland and Huawei Cloud can bring fantastic gaming experience to game lovers around the world.

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Organization: Revoland

Name: ROY


Location: UAE/Dubai


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