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SonicX–a decentralized multi-utility platform

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SonicX–a decentralized multi-utility platform

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SonicX is a Tron fork blockchain that aims to provide a user experience and features unlike any other. It has built-in governance via voting. They aim to build a fast, more secure platform for gaming and payments.
Businesses have been struggling with trust and efficiency since the advent of the internet. Bitcoin was the first step in solving these problems by creating a trustless environment for the exchange of peer-to-peer value. However, Bitcoin and major projects that forked from it and built on top of Bitcoin are still facing issues of scalability and high fees.
This means users cannot use it for applications like gaming or payments unless the amount transferred is big. Many projects have tried to solve these problems by creating a more efficient blockchain but we have yet to see any fruitful results.
SonicX aims to create such an environment and provide a solution that scales. It does so by creating a multi-layer architecture.
Multi-layer architecture
SonicX is a fork of Tron blockchain that specializes in micro-payments for gaming and payments industries. It uses DPoS or Delegated Proof-of-Stake for consensus of transactions that take place on SonicX blockchain. To improve accessibility, they have a marketplace for DApps that developers can upload. It is an initiative for the SonicX community.
SonicX infrastructure has two components – Masternodes and Supernodes. SonicX will have Masternodes that allow the network to scale without incurring large fees while Supernodes are the block producers.
The Application layer will be a platform for DApp developers to release their apps. It will have the wallet, smart contracts, and consumer-facing apps.
The Core layer will deal with the consensus protocols using the Delegated Proof-of-Stake protocol [DPoS] or SonicX Consensus Mechanism [SCM]. Light Nodes, Masternodes, and Supernodes are a part of this layer.
The Network Layer will work in on the internet’s TCPIP. It will hold a copy of the network’s storage. The blockchain has a persistent connection over the internet via TCP/IP.
SonicX smart contracts will provide a way for game developers to build smart logic in their games and reward the players of these games with tokens that are immutable and scarce.
Use cases
SonicX platform provides a payment gateway that will help in remittance services, a full-featured cryptocurrency exchange, a feature for lending digital assets, P2P payment facilitation, a content storage module and token infrastructure for e-gaming.
It is a public digital ledger secured by the decentralized architecture. This means all the transactions are pseudonymous and can be traced by the users. They are immutable, which means a transaction cannot be reversed under any circumstances.
SOX Token
All the features and DApps that will be developed on SonicX blockchain will utilize SOX token.
SonicX blockchain, its explorer and Masternodes will be implemented to stabilize the network and then process all the payments and incentives on the SonicX blockchain. Masternodes are an integral part of the blockchain that will support instant payments, governance, budgeting and enhanced privacy for the users.
Tokens will be airdropped to Tron holders in the ration 100:1. If you hold 100 Tron tokens, you will be eligible to receive 1 SOX token. A snapshot of Tron blockchain will be taken and airdrop will be made automatically. There is no action to be taken by the users.
Token burns are planned and designed by the SonicX team – which will just increase the scarcity of these tokens.
Governance is built in SOX design. Token holders ultimately decide on the policies and that makes SonicX network truly decentralized. If you hold a token, you can vote on the policies and implementations of new features, updates, etc. This ensures that a company or a team or a CEO isn’t deciding anything on the token holders’ behalf. SOX token will also be used for electing the block producers, the Supernodes from the staked tokens.
SonicX’s roadmap seems very interesting and packed with deliveries every month. The most exciting update is in October 2019 where they introduce advanced privacy features, use Z-Snarks technology that is implemented in ZCash. It will allow anonymous transactions while keeping the user details completely anonymous.
In May 2020, they plan to implement the governance, voting and treasury features whereby all the token holders will participate in policymaking.
2020 will also see the implementation of Token Verification infrastructure and P2P optimization to increase the transactions per second [TPS], checking of digital signature to a GPU, shortlink addresses for payments,
2021 will see SonicX become a self-upgradable blockchain and by utilizing the governance layer of the architecture. Enhanced digital signatures will be implemented to protect the network from quantum computing attacks.
With the promise of trust, efficiency, and security, SonicX is one project that has all the ingredients of a stable system utilizing all the facets of a DApp blockchain like Tron but also building an innovative system on it.


Biraajmaan covers market trends of major cryptocurrencies. As a graduate in engineering, his interests lie in Blockchain technology. With over a year as a journalist, his articles focus on US and UK markets.
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