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Spacebit announces the first tokenized VC fund for the space industry

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Spacebit announces the first tokenised VC fund for the space industry
Source: Spacebit

On October 25, 2018, Spacebit Capital announced the world’s first ever tokenized venture capital fund for the space industry. The announcement was made simultaneously at the World Investment Forum in Geneva and the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Making a Greater Leap for Crypto

The private space industry is a rapidly-growing market, projected to be worth trillions of dollars in the near future, according to a recent Goldman Sachs [2016] report. A new vision for space is beginning to emerge. Once only accessible to governments and large corporations, it is now open to small companies and even for public participation. Exciting projects involving new space missions, the Moon, Mars and asteroid mining will all bring considerable opportunity and economic value for future generations.

Those resources will not only change the course of humanity but will also provide an avenue for investors to meaningfully participate in our next great adventure. Blockchain alone gives us unprecedented capabilities to create and trade value in society. As the foundational platform of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it can help create and distribute new values, which can be gained from exploring the final frontier. Tokenisation of missions and space assets will help create and measure new value to humankind, whilst appreciating increased liquidity and public participation.

Tokenising the Final Frontier

The fund will focus on early stage, space-related IP intensive companies for near earth and lunar applications and predominately invest in downstream [software] and commercial applications relevant to satellite communications and data, with a particular focus on those incorporating blockchain technology.

It is well known that satellite data and its effective communication has been an enabler of new commercial opportunities and social innovations, from applications in intelligent transport and smart cities to the agriculture, insurance, and maritime industry. The ability to tokenize communications and data is a key enabler for the future economy, allowing for such opportunities to be extended, forming a new global space economy, whilst redefining the existing venture capital model and bringing liquidity into long-term space projects.

The fund’s secondary investments will target enabling technologies, such as those in propulsion, robotics and remote sensing which are required for the upcoming generation of Space missions. To complement the fund, a network of Crypto Space Angels has been formed, comprising of experts, investors, and visionaries from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

Crypto Angels for Space Technology

The creation of Crypto Space Angels network is another step toward realizing a greater mission for cryptocurrency and creating an ecosystem to enable mankind to venture further into space. The purpose of Crypto Space Angels is to create a global network of cryptocurrency investors who want to make a difference and support development of the space industry.

Fund partner, Pavlo Tanasyuk commented:

“We have developed a clear roadmap for our future investments and a pipeline of space projects ready for execution and funding. The initial investment phase will concentrate on the European markets. We believe that the creation of Spacebit Capital will help harness the latest innovations in satellite data and communications technology and drive the next digital revolution. We are soon opening investment opportunities to qualified investors, but in the future, we hope to establish a hybrid model where any individual will be able to directly invest in large-scale space projects, which forms a key part our vision”

Website: Spacebit, Crypto Space Angels

Spacebit Vision: Youtube


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76230|CoinAll Launches a 10000 USDT New-User Campaign to Expand Community

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CoinAll Launches a 10000 USDT New-User Campaign to Expand Community
Source: CoinAll

CoinAll has today announced the launch of a new user campaign which will last a month and features a 10,000 USDT bonus pool. Users who complete the two-task mission will have a chance to share in the bonus. The campaign comprises two tasks. In task one, new users have to register on CoinAll and pass KYC1 verification.

In the second task, new users need to deposit CoinAll-listed cryptocurrencies into their accounts. Upon completion of the two tasks, they will get the bonus. The campaign is open to all digital asset traders from around the world.

Katherine Deng, General Manager of CoinAll stated,

“Community is the foundation of CoinAll. We hope to make it larger and stronger. Together with our users, we endeavor to make the industry better in the near future.”

CoinAll is a community-driven exchange, which means the users of the CoinAll community have the power to influence the development of the exchange. CoinAll also launches various promotions for the community as well.

For example, the blockchain quiz show “Who Wants to Be a COINALL-inaire” hosted in March, featured the industry’s first “decentralized question bank” and attracted hundreds of thousands of participants. By answering 10 questions correctly, users could take home hundreds of USDT in prizes. While enjoying the fun and bonuses, users also broadened their knowledge about blockchain technology.

By offering a variety of campaigns, CoinAll has rapidly established a community of tens of thousands of members.

Besides community development, CoinAll also spares no effort in offering high-quality blockchain projects to traders.

For example, COSM, which will be supported by Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone and is the first dApp partner of Samsung, was one of the very first offerings by the exchange. CoinAll has also listed other well-received projects such as BTT, ZIL, ONT, and Grin.

As an fast-emerging exchange, CoinAll was recognized as the first strategic partner of OKEx, the top-class exchange in the world. CoinAll is showing great ambition, pledging to become top-20 exchange in the world within 1 year with the help of OKEx.

“We feel grateful to our users,” said Katherine Deng. “And we want to give back to our community and make it larger and stronger. This time, our new campaign also reflects our great determination that CoinAll will continuously offer projects of high quality and good trading experience to global users.”

For more information about the promotion, please visit the link.


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Press Release

76220|HYBSE Lesotho [PTY] Ltd. launches new Stock Exchange!

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HYBSE Lesotho [PTY] Ltd. launches new Stock Exchange!
Source: AZblockchain

Lesotho, South Africa, March 20 2019 – HYBSE Lesotho [PTY] Ltd. HYBSE has launched its exchange today, which allows traders to exchange and trade all financial instruments on a distributed ledger technology [DLT].

DLT assists in reducing inefficiencies and improve the speed of doing business by providing a single, shared version of events and implementation of standard business functions. The distributed ledger technology [DLT] and HYBSE technologies consolidate brokers, clearing houses, custodian escrows and settlements into one complete package.

HYBSE assumes the role of central equity exchange and functions as a central counter-party, through which financial transactions between different parties are handled and cleared on a global scale.

Day to day traders can now trade bluechip shares from all over the world on one platform. There are currently 17 companies being processed to trade on HYBSE, some of these include:

  • Ð.Daimler Mercedes Benz
  • Ð.SAP SE
  • Ð.Amazon COM STK
  • Ð.Apple Inc.
  • Ð.Alphabet (Google)
  • Ð.Investec Ltd.
  • Ð.Old Mutual Ltd.
  • Ð.Standard Bank Group

A selection of these companies will be open to trade going forward from today.


HYBSE is an online digital equity exchange, clearing, settlement, custodian and money market platform, using Digital ledger echnologies [DLT].  The HYBSE has a licence from The Kingdom of Lesotho and offers small and medium enterprises [SME’s], as well as the general market to seek and access global capital.

The HYBSE is a borderless, user-friendly platform were equity securities such as shares, and other currencies are traded 24 hours a day throughout the year

For more information, visit our official website!

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