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SyncFab manufacturing Blockchain [R] integrates MFG Digital Token Wallet for manufacturing RFQs and purchase orders

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SyncFab manufacturing Blockchain [R] integrates MFG Digital Token Wallet for manufacturing RFQs and purchase orders
Source: SyncFab

SyncFab, the industry first manufacturing blockchain ® for Industrial OEM supply chain procurement management, successfully integrated a dedicated fully functional Digital Wallet for the MFG Token with its procurement platform for use with manufacturing service RFQs and purchase orders. Following this recent milestone, SyncFab continues the Supply Chain 4.0 revolution integrating more manufacturing partners on the digital supply chain procurement platform.

With great anticipation for what 2019 has in store for Supply Chain Digitisation, SyncFab has been working tirelessly throughout the fall 2018 season improving its existing web 2.0 procurement platform while adding blockchain functionality as a precursor to its 3.0 Testnet launch in winter 2019.

In its latest development update, SyncFab shared its latest milestone completing the official MFG digital token wallet launch and platform integration for use with manufacturing service RFQs and purchase orders, for which they have begun a test trial with select users. It is expected that more users will receive the update in the weeks ahead.

The Official MFG wallet will ultimately replace the Ambisafe MFG wallet that was first used, so existing wallet users are asked to follow upcoming timing notifications when to transfer existing MFG balances to the newly released official MFG wallet on the SyncFab platform or to another compatible digital wallet of the users choosing before the Ambisafe wallet is fully phased out. The latest information can be found on the official website.

Ongoing testing of the official MFG wallet includes MFG purchases for manufacturing services to be incorporated in the RFQ submission process along with use of MFG tokens to incentivize manufacturers to join SyncFab and submit quotes. MFG rewards will be distributed primarily to losing bidders as an offset when they do not win an order in recognition of the effort required for making their bid for the RFQ.

As this new incentive model is refined through testing, SyncFab will solidify its foundation to support a robust decentralized network that improves the manufacturing supply chain process for all of its participants in the years ahead.

About SyncFab

Founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley, SyncFab is a manufacturing blockchain ® platform that streamlines the way industrial OEM supply chain buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely using blockchain technology.

Through partnerships with federal government and municipal smart city initiatives, SyncFab helps spur economic development by making regional suppliers with idle manufacturing capacity more accessible and responsive to buyers to enable a shift towards cleaner, local manufacturing supply chain worldwide.

SyncFab is founding member of CESMII, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Network appointed by the White House. SyncFab municipal partners include the San Francisco bay area city of San Leandro as part of the San Francisco Civic Innovation program, which includes Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and other cities.

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Press Release

Hundreds of Million Flow into Crypto Market? Unprecedented Tie-Up of WaykiChain [WICC] ✕ CTFEX

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Hundreds of Million Flow into Crypto Market? Unprecedented Tie-Up of WaykiChain(WICC) ✕ CTFEX
Source: Twitter

WaykiChain, the leading blockchain project which has always been committed to providing solutions to pain points of various industries. A leading case to this, the unprecedented cooperation reached by WaykiChain and CTFEX, the world’s leading Unicorn Equity Trading Platform, builds a blockchain based bridge connecting the traditional investors and the crypto market.

What is CTFEX?

CTFEX [Coin Traded Fund Exchange] is the world’s first secondary market for private equity, especially for those who have unicorns’ shares.

CTFEX devotes to solve the three major pain points in the traditional investment industry: high investment thresholds for startups, poor investment liquidity, and difficult cross-border investment. CTFEX provides private fund investors with an investment opportunity, exit channel and easy access to high-quality unicorn companies. By now, CTFEX has reached cooperation with Jinri Toutiao, Meituan, MINI, Ant Financial, etc. top-level enterprises with over $70 billion latest market valuation. The investment opportunities it provides are the top-level Chinese enterprises ranked in global unicorn enterprises.

Cooperation Model between WaykiChain [WICC] & CTFEX

WaykiChain here to provide CTFEX with advanced blockchain technology to realize the assets crypto monetization, help global investors get an easy and safe channel to ensure the authenticity, convenience, and security of Investment share transfer from unicorn projects.

WaykiChain, as a leading project in the blockchain industry, takes the whole industry a huge step forward to expand the entire market layout.

Hundreds of Million Flow into Crypto Market

Easier Investment, Safer Capital, Higher Profit

The unprecedented investment route provided by CTFEX seeks to achieve the following objectives to varying degrees for participants: growth and preservation of capital. Meanwhile, it provides investors with transparent investment vouchers.

This strategic partnership between WaykiChain and CTFEX establishes the bridge between traditional investors and the cryptocurrency market, general investors and rarest high-threshold investment opportunities, as well as venture investors and safe and transparent investment channels.

The further cooperation with other unicorn companies will allow hundreds of millions of assets flow into the cryptocurrency market, intensively increase the market value, expand the market volume and drive out the revolutionary layout of the global traditional investment industry. Moreover, it will be beneficial to the broader market layout of the blockchain industry and better prospects!

Check out the website and social media accounts for more information: Twitter, and Telegram.

Write to the PR team and BD team. 

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