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TKJade plans to integrate blockchain technology with the tourism ecosystem on Great Barrier Reef

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TKJade plans to integrate blockchain technology with the tourism ecosystem on Great Barrier Reef
Source: Pixabay

TKJ, also known as Tiong Kang Jade Platform, was established by CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD, a Singapore-registered professional real estate financial service company.

TKJ Platform leverages the transparent, traceable and immutable blockchain technology and smart contracts for the purpose of securing all purchase histories of TKJ Platform’s members.

The platform’s native TKJade Token is issued by CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD to develop the TKJade Token ecosystem which can be seamlessly purchased by the registered members and store them in their own Ethereum wallets. It collaborates with TIONG KANG FINTECH in a bid to create and scale up the token value.

Features of TKJ Platform:

  • Direct transaction without third-party interference: The platform offers a seamless transaction passage without the participation of any third party to validate an execute the same. TKJade Tokens can be directly purchased from the firm on its platform. The firm, on the other hand, can also transfer the rewards directly to the users’ Ethereum wallets. Encryption eliminates the need for a central governing entity.
  • Low transaction costs: The time taken for execution of the trading of TKJade Tokens on the platform is about 3 to 10 minutes. The transaction fees to complete the trading involves very low transaction fees. Compared to foreign remittance, the trading time and fees on TKJade Platform are significantly cheaper.
  • Corruption-proof blockchain technology: Digital ledger cannot be corrupted. Hence, blockchain technology is immutable in nature. Data once recorded cannot be unchanged. This promotes transparency of the TKJade Tokens which are secured by blockchain technology.
  • Every transaction is transparent: The TKJade Tokens and rewards deposited on the user’s designated Ethereum wallet can only be assessed using the respective user’s private keys. Every user holds a copy of transaction records are stored on the blockchain.

Core Technology:

Blockchain-based access control gadget: The integration of the Internet of Things [IoT] with the immutable blockchain technology is done by TKJade’s blockchain-based access control. This is essentially done in order to manage access control and access records. The key features that make the gadget convenient are:

  • No power required for internet access, receivers/readers that submit data on the blockchain.
  • Supports fiat currency
  • Can be used for the purpose to shop, dine, engage in recreational activities, play games in casino, etc.

In addition, the gadget harnesses RFID or Radio Frequency Identification communication technology to manage access rights, which enables users a secure channel to execute a high volume of transactions at significantly lower fees.

The blockchain-powered access control system can be leveraged property owners and residents, staffs, shops and their employees, tourists, self-employed merchandiser [ie. scuba diving coach], ecological researchers.

Smart Wallet: The TKJade smart wallet and payment system powered by blockchain lets merchants and users execute transactions using existing smartphones and tablets simply by scanning QR codes. Besides, payments can be made in TKJade Tokens or other designated cryptocurrencies wherein users are enabled with a prepaid option for the purchase of goods and services using the TKJade smart wallet. Furthermore, the TKJade smart wallet has a significant edge over the traditional blockchain wallets as it securely stores the transaction records conducted in fiat currency. Payments are settled instantly across reward distribution, e-commerce, and advertisements.

State Channel: TKJade’s blockchain-based access control gadget can be seamlessly integrated with State Channel to provide a remarkable user experience. Transactions and data are processed off-chain initially, in state channels to eliminate the issues related to scalability. They are submitted to blockchain in batches. State Channel, thus, increases transaction speed, lowers transaction fees, guarantees the privacy and dismisses potential blockchain wallet complications.

Source: TKJade State Channel|Whitepaper

Private Key Management: This provides users a friendly and secure solution to manage private keys, unlike traditional private keys wherein users’ lose access to their funds either after losing their private keys or enduring a breach. In this case, the private key generated, after the user downloads the smart wallet, splits into segments and gets deleted. The segments are then encrypted twice and stored in cloud storage arbitrarily. The only two things that the user needs to memorize are the login password created by the user and a 6-digit transaction code. Notable, the Super Admin mechanism gets activated to restore a user’s account is the user forgets the aforementioned password and transaction code.

Source: Private Key Management|Whitepaper

TKJ Platform Tokens are developed to serve various purposes. The TKJ Platform hosts Monthly Community Promotional Program wherein the token holders are rewarded from time to time. Every month the platform announces a theme-task and the ones to who complete the task of the month qualify for promotional rewards. The eligibility criteria for participation is that each participant must hold a minimum of 10,000 TKJade Tokens. The reward is paid in BTC or USDT which is transferable to any member of the platform.

Great Keppel Island: 

A key backer of the Great Barrier Reef in terms of the tourism economy in the country, Great Keppel Island proffers huge real estate opportunities and retail business. A soon-to-be crypto haven, Great Keppel, was heavily affected by the Great Financial Crisis 2008. Foraying into the world of digital assets and tokens, the tropical island will soon transform into a crypto economy. The job opportunities and economic contribution will further bolster the TKJ Platform and its token.

The largest of the 16 tropical islands, Great Keppel’s accessibility via boat and plane by both local as well as international tourists has added to its advantage.

The TKJade Tokens holders will proliferate with the expansion of the TKJ ecosystems, and subsequently, driving up the value of TKJade Tokens.

The use of TKJade Tokens in Great Keppel Island will island tourism and its added-value for the economy.

The TKJade Token use cases in Great Keppel Island, Australia are:

For the purpose of dealing with contract bidding and business operation on the island, contractors, and merchants must hold TKJ Platform Token.

Both online and offline payments for advertisements can be paid in tokens by merchants on the island.

Another noteworthy aspect of the TKJ Tokens is that this token also acts as a medium of exchange in the Australian Island. The platform allows anyone on the island to pay for hotel accommodation, scuba diving, restaurant bills, business administrative expenses, etc. in TKJ Tokens.

TKJ Platform Tokens are developed to serve various purposes. The TKJ Platform hosts Monthly Community Promotional Program wherein the token holders are rewarded from time to time. Every month the platform announces a theme-task and the ones to who complete the task of the month qualify for promotional rewards. The eligibility criteria for participation is that each participant must hold a minimum of 10,000 TKJade Tokens. The reward is paid in BTC or USDT which is transferable to any member of the platform

Its professional service providers are Octagon, Asia’s largest digital asset brokerage; Lee & Lee, a Singapore-based law firm; Grant Thorton, the seventh largest accounting network in the world.

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The FunFair Blockchain Platform Now Hosts

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The FunFair Blockchain Platform Now Hosts
Source: FunFair Blockchain

RakeTheRake Goes Live as First White Label Partner of Leading Blockchain Provider

RakeTheRake’s has been launched on FunFair Technologies’ leading blockchain casino platform as a licensed white label. is the first external white label of FunFair, and the casino is ready to dive into the rapidly growing blockchain gambling scene. In 2019 alone, this industry sector recorded over 1 billion dollars’ worth of wagers.

Through this launch, the brand is able to reach the FunFair’s base of 65,000 FUN holders, adding more to its own sizable player base which has been developed over the years of hosting its internationally popular poker affiliate program.

As RakeTheRake’s first endeavor in both the online casino and blockchain space, CryptoCasino will showcase how easy and low-cost it is to launch a successful casino domain on the FunFair platform.

CryptoCasino will raise the standard of the blockchain gambling game by incorporating FunFair’s Guaranteed Fair technology and its ever-growing library of casino and instant win titles.

RakeTheRake’s Founder and CEO, Karim Wilkins, said:

“Becoming FunFair’s first white label with CryptoCasino gives us great satisfaction. We’re extremely confident in our brand, the platform, and the innovative affiliate technology, and we can’t wait to take CryptoCasino and its players to the moon.”

FunFair’s Co-Founder, Jez San, stated:

“CryptoCasino’s launch is a major landmark on the FunFair roadmap and we’re excited to partner with expert marketers in RakeTheRake who will drive further adoption to our gaming ecosystem.”

“We continue to update our platform to ensure it’s user-friendly for those with and without crypto knowledge and we are working on the next steps with RakeTheRake, with the CryptoCasino players being able to confirm our position as the leading blockchain gaming provider.”

The domain is live and accessible to all players within supported countries. As an opening giveaway, new players will be able to benefit from a limited time sign-up bonus of $60 worth of FUN tokens.

FunFair Technologies Description

FunFair is among the most recognized B2B blockchain-based casino platform providers in the industry. By using the advantages of blockchain, FunFair strives to change the casino industry for the better. The casinos based on their platform have lower costs, the games are accessible to a larger customer base, and players are able to engage in guaranteed fair gambling.

The 40-member team behind FunFair has over a century of combined experience in the gaming and casino sector, and two decades of knowledge in the blockchain. This enables them to provide a platform which features quality slots, tables, and unique instant win games which operate on transparency and fairness.

FunFair was established by Jez San OBE, Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton in 2017, with their headquarters being based in both Dublin and London.

For additional information, access Follow them on Twitter and Telegram

CryptoCasino Description

CryptoCasino is a new breed of casino which merges the benefits of blockchain with cutting edge technology to provide players with a guaranteed fair gambling environment. As CryptoCasino uses FunFair Technologies’ blockchain casino platform, its players will experience the most qualitative games in the industry with the utmost transparency.

Armchair Partners Ltd, an online gaming affiliate, manages CryptoCasino as a white label and also runs, a poker rakeback brand. The company is based in the UK and Sweden; it was first established in 2004.

For additional information, access and Follow Crypto Casino’s Twitter account here and Facebook account here.

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