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Top 4 reasons to choose Liracoin

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Top 4 reasons to choose Liracoin
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Use of cryptocurrencies as real money for our purchases through applications created to simplify their use on your smartphone – that’s the way for mass adoption of a cryptocurrency, with a system of stable value and protected by your community: this is the Liracoin way.

Liracoin was launched in April 2018, reiterating that it is not a cryptocurrency born out of speculation, but is for the construction of a decentralized economic ecosystem, free from all territorial and governmental boundaries, in which solutions can be brought for the use of cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the four differentiating points of Liracoin:


For the first time, money can be our choice. Liracoin focuses on the adoption and use of the currency in order to create an economic ecosystem around the cryptocurrency. Adopting Liracoin means choosing it, keeping it, and using it over time, so as to contribute to the creation of an ecosystem where Liracoin is the medium of exchange of value.


Cryptocurrencies were born only a decade ago, and today, only a small percentage of the world’s population uses them. The reason? They are not easy to use and only a niche of people uses them for their purchases. If it were possible to use them for everyday purchase, from shopping online to paying for your coffee at the cafe in the morning, cryptocurrencies would finally become money that can be used anywhere and everywhere. The goal of this project is to create applications that allow people from all parts of the world to pay and receive money in cryptocurrencies with their smartphones through direct payments without changes and waiting times. One of the first applications in creation is Liracoin Smart Global Payment which can be used to pay in more than 52 million stores.

Protection of value

The value of the cryptocurrencies fluctuates constantly because thousands or even millions of people trade or use them for their purchases. The problem arises when large quantities of money are sold by big buyers. With one sale only, they can strongly affect the currency value. The Liracoin system is built to prevent the participation of the big buyers, as users have a weekly purchase limit on exchanges approved by Liracoin.

Distribution of power

Through the Liracoin protocol, it is possible to build decentralized infrastructures managed by nodes all over the world. There is no need for a central unit for controlling and managing the transactions. The users can carry out transactions, and the transactions are checked and approved by other users as part of the network.

Steady growth in value without bankruptcy, choice of cryptocurrency as money and not as an investment, and a well-defined plan are points that make us users and lovers of cryptocurrencies wait with confidence for the launch of the Liracoin SGP app we can use to pay for cryptocurrency in millions of centers. A Youtube video is available to understand how it works.

Applications like these are the only solution to make cryptocurrencies money that is accessible and usable by everyone across the world.

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The Future is Blockchain: Untraceable brings back the Blockchain Futurist Conference

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The Future is Blockchain: Untraceable brings back the Blockchain Futurist Conference
Source: Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain evangelist, Tracy Leparulo of Untraceable, brings back the largest and most talked about Blockchain Futurist Conference in Canada for its second year.

Last year’s conference was attended by over 2,300 attendees from around the world discussing the future of technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging disruptive technologies.

It featured leading executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, and prominent blockchain vanguards. Speakers included: Larry King [GEAR Blockchain], Charles Hoskinson [Co-founder of Ethereum], Anthony Di Iorio, [CEO of Decentral & Co-founder of Ethereum], and Roger Ver [CEO of]. Notable attendees included Bruce Croxon, former Dragon of Dragon’s Den and businessman, Stan Bharti.

According to Alexia Hefti, Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Leader, Indirect Tax:

“Futurist is Canada’s leading blockchain conference and was one of 2018’s most immersive and engaging blockchain conferences globally. Attending Futurist will expose you to many of the world’s leading authorities on blockchain and will give you access to the most cutting-edge research on developments in the technology.  I have no doubt that 2019 will exceed the successes of Futurist 2018.”

Untraceable’s mission is to help tokenize the world by tokenizing the Futurist conference. The Blockchain Futurist Conference is one of the first and only blockchain conferences to incorporate token experiences. It provides attendees an experience of what the world will look in a future with blockchain technology, where goods and services can be purchased with digital money in the form of tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Attendees will have the opportunity to get tokens or cryptocurrencies free of charge and use them to purchase various items at the conference. Last year’s conference featured Bunz, which permitted conference participants to buy their lunch from food trucks or purchase items from their marketplace using $50 worth of BTZ tokens downloadable from the Bunz app. Bunz will be returning again this year. Participants will have the opportunity to get over $100 in cryptocurrency, like last year, and experience a truly crypto-immersive world.

Bitcoin ATM machines will be available on site for anyone that wants to purchase cryptocurrency. This year’s conference has a great lineup of speakers, experiences, panels, and workshops including:

  • 2019 Speakers:
    • Anthem Hayek Blanchard, CEO & Co-Founder, AnthemGold & HERC
    • Michael Nye, Host, Involvement Podcast
    • Sascha Mojtahedi, CEO, BUNZ
    • Gabriel Abed, Founder, BITT
    • Amber D. Scott, Founder, CEO, Outlier Compliance Group
  • Tokenized Marketplace – Experience and participate in tokenized, immersive and experiential installations and marketplace in crypto and blockchain.

Track the supply chain and chain of custody for food, art and gold on the blockchain with participating blockchain companies:  Artcryption [a platform protecting art assets on the blockchain] and Anthem Gold [where gold is tracked and tradeable on the blockchain] using the Hercules protocol by is a blockchain software for tracking physical inventory in a supply chain with a digital source to store and review verification information.

  • Panels and talks – New developments in blockchain technology and the most talked about new tech startups in the blockchain space will be discussed at the Futurist conference.
  • Blockchain Bootcamp workshops – Educational workshops will be presented by various speakers including Blockgeeks, The Blockchain Hub, etc.
  • Blockchain Startup Showcase – The Futurist Conference will showcase the most exciting established and up and coming startups in the blockchain space. Sponsors booths are also available.

Outdoor cabanas by the pool will be converted to booths for sponsors and blockchain companies. The more relaxed and social surroundings in a unique space are designed to foster connections, conversations, and promote networking and deal-making.

Blockchain Futurist Conference is currently open for ticket registration. To register, stay up-to-date on the expanding speaker list, and for additional information, visit or with discounts available when purchased with crypto.

For more information on Untraceable, interviews, photographs or media passes, please contact: 647-296-4458

About Untraceable:

Untraceable is the first event management and marketing agency within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Canada. Founded in 2013 to help build and grow the crypto community, Untraceable provides a full suite of services for events including logistics, marketing, and sponsorships. Untraceable specializes in designing cutting-edge events by seamlessly integrating crypto ticketing, event apps, token creation, and innovative tech solutions to fit clients’ needs. Untraceable has organized hundreds of events from the first Bitcoin Expo in Canada to the first Ethereum hackathon to ETHWaterloo. For more information on Untraceable, please visit the official website.

About Tracy Leparulo:

Conference organizer Tracy Leparulo has a proven track record of producing large scale, high-quality blockchain events, including the first Bitcoin Expo in Canada, ETHWaterloo, and POLYCON18. Leparulo also hosted three world-first events: Ethereum Hackathon, Certified Training Conference, and Securities Token Conference.   Tracy is an advisor and mentor to various blockchain startups.  She is a mentor at the Founder Institute.

Do visit their social media handles for more information:





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