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Transformative change in blockchain games with marketplace and raising the bar in ETH blockchain games

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Transformative change in blockchain games with marketplace and raising the bar in ETH blockchain games
Source: CryptantCrabs

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin [BTC], the very first cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has placed itself as a constant disruptive technology. This growing innovation has also grasped the attention of several key players from various industries such as IBM, Intel, and SAP.

Among various industries that are working within the blockchain, a majority of the community believes the games industry is going to lead the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There is a high chance that the ‘Killer App’ will emerge from this sector even. This could be due to how over half a billion people around the world have been playing games for at least an hour a day. Closely linked to that is how the average group of players either fall in the Millennials or Gen-z categories – both are the main contributing groups to a nation’s economy.

iCandy Interactive, a game developer and digital entertainer, has stepped into the blockchain space with the launch of CryptantCrab. The company aims to disrupt the games industry with blockchain technology. The company is already a well-established player in the video games sector, with over 350 million gamers worldwide and over 500 million downloads.

World of CryptantCrab

CryptantCrab, a web-based game, takes inspiration from the popular mobile game – Crab War. This game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and managed to raise over $69000 within a timeframe of 10 days, during its pre-sale event. Having these results, the company affirms that the gamers on its next-gen blockchain game are going to be early blockchain adopters.

Collecting crabs is just one major aspect of CryptantCrab, with the other being able to customize them. Included in the major update for early January 2019 are players gaining immediate access to the Mutation and Xenograft features. Where mutating a part enables gamers to engage a risk/reward system during the alteration, Xenograft provides a more predictable outcome.

Players get to graft away a specific part from a crab and transplant it onto a prized fighter or critical member of a collection, giving them the ability to create complete sets or ferocious fighters.

Crabs that have their parts grafted will turn into a Fossil and cannot be sent into a battle again. To ensure a more diverse marketplace and further energize ecosystem activity, the Fossils still offer some level of value as they can also be traded among players. Seeing as Fossils and the more powerful and rare Relic Fossils can be equipped on crabs going into battle, it makes perfect sense for them to gain some intrinsic market value.

Active Trade and Battle

Engaging these customization features, along with the active marketplace trading, will raise the odds for the upcoming battle activities in CrpytantCrab. Beyond improving the overall stats and battle prowess of these crabs, their overall tradeable value also increases as they gain experience and level up.

These customizations and marketplace trading give players the chance to improve their crabs and ready them for the upcoming Battle and Pool Arena modes. As for the arena, it will be where players can sign-up their crabs to see which of their prized fighters can claw their way to the top of the pile. Those going into the Pool Arena get a shot at the big Ethereum prize-pool.

The fighting aspects and need to complete collections will increase demand for crabs, Fossils, and Relic Fossils, resulting in a more engaging platform for the trading ecosystem. This is how iCandy Interactive wants to make blockchain games more engaging and immersive. At the same time, these efforts will also raise the market value of crabs as demand and user engagement go up.

More details on CryptantCrab and its new features can be found here.

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Press Release

SnapEX: a Contract Trading Platform for everyone-Featuring as app, A web Trader and Discounted Fees

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A Contract trading Platform for everyone--Featuring as app, A web Trader and Discounted Fees
Source: SnapEX

Hong Kong-SnapEx, a new cryptocurrency contract trading platform has just launched a web trader and offering 50% off its transaction fees until further notice.

Contract trading – a financial instrument that allows traders to profit from market movements without owning the trading asset – is relatively new in the crypto market. There are only a few platforms offering crypto contract trading and are mostly catered for experienced traders. SnapEx, on the other hand, is created for the every day trader – making it an ideal option for everyone from first-time to seasoned traders.

Unlike other contract trading platforms, the digital asset prices on SnapEx are far more stable – achieved by using a K-line weighted average drawn from 4 major crypto exchanges. There is also zero platform spread which minimizes slippages.

Users can trade contracts on SnapEx from as low as 5 USDT and leverage as high as 100x. The low entry bar into contract trading on SnapEx aims to attract both crypto and non-crypto traders while encouraging greater adoption of the blockchain industry.

Ee Wui Yang, the CMO of SnapEx, said,

“We created SnapEx for everyone, no matter your age, gender or trading expertise. In fact, we’ve made it as easy as possible for even novice users to trade easily on our platform. We have lots of plans to roll-out in the near future, and we can’t wait to share the news with all of you.”

With the official launch of SnapEx web trader, users can choose to trade using the app, web trader or both. Those who prefer trading exclusively on a PC or laptop can now trade easily from their desktops.

SnapEx web trader features an integrated trading view, industrial grade charts, a full range of TA tools, and modular viewing panels that allow users to shift layouts to their preference – including choosing between light or dark themes. The user-friendly toolbars on the web trader also allow users to quickly gain access to available trading pairs on the platform.

With SnapEx contract trading, you can easily hedge market risks with only a small amount of capital and without needing to purchase the actual trading asset. In addition, SnapEx contract trading does not have an expiry date, which allows the flexibility to close positions according to market changes.

Since its launch early this year, SnapEx has entered into a series of strategic partnerships with industry-leading platforms like EcoTree [South Korea’s leading new cryptocurrency promotion company], Coin25ex [a large real-time cryptocurrency trading platform based in South Korea], and Bestex [a professional digital asset spot trading service provider].

Ee Wui Yang, the CMO of SnapEx, stated,

“These tripartite partnerships were made in a bid to create greater value for all our traders, with both parties reaching a consensus of empowering user autonomy and returning real value to our users. We’re in this for the long haul and looking forward to making crypto contract trading accessible to everyone.”

SnapEx is rapidly expanding, continuously improving its products and offerings, and currently in the process of securing more key partnerships to multiply value for crypto contract traders and bolster relationships within the blockchain industry. The team is in this for the long haul and committed to becoming a new global force in this exciting, bourgeoning cryptocurrency trading space.

About SnapEx

SnapEx is a global service-oriented digital currency contract trading platform created and managed by a professional R&D and dedicated management team. The platform provides a user-friendly yet robust trading system, secure and rigorous fund management, and intimate services.

SnapEx is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in many parts of the world, including Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many more.

With its easy-to-use and systematic trading solutions, SnapEx encourages users to make more rational professional contract trading decisions in a verifiable, self-disciplined, and programmable manner.

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