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You can now find the best ICO’s at the click of a button

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You can now find the best ICO's at the click of a button
Source: Vertex

Vertex will be offering a never before offered service in the form of a list of top ICO’s at the click of a button.  Due to its stringent vetting process of ICO’s, Vertex weeds out all the non-performers to be left with those that are set to be the most successful over time and will be the ones for investors to look at regarding initial investment.

Vertex provides investors access to ICO’s, that have been vetted by investment experts and made them available to the investment community through one channel.  Literally at the click of a button.

Usually, an investor would have to create a profile and go through KYC procedures for each ICO they are interested in.  The problem for a lot of investors is that most of the successful ICO never go public and then the general public miss out on the opportunity to invest.  Most public members interested in investing will never get to hear about them as they are not as advertised and spoken about.

Vertex, using a wealth of existing knowledge and the availability of large amounts of Fiat Currency influx from Saudi Billionaires is able to vet and invest in the best ICO’s at a preferential rate, hence allowing the likes of the man in the street type investor to get involved at a rate that would be offered prior to the ICO going public.

Vertex offers a single marketplace for tokens which will enable the investor to simplify their decisions with a peace of mind that is unavailable anywhere else in the blockchain marketplace.  It also will become the place where ICO’ are benchmarked and so will create better quality levels of projects launched in general.

Users log in and go through the KYC process.  Once the account is approved, investors will be able to browse through all the tokens available for sale.  There will be fully fortified information on each token on offer including ratings, other consumer comments, and pricing.   You will have the opportunity to buy tokens if you wish and will be offered the highest security available for transactions.

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