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888 Tron: New gaming DApp on Tron’s mainnet provides dividends in TRX

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888 Tron

888 Tron platform, a gaming platform based on the Tron network, was launched in December 2018.  With an aim to revolutionize the gaming industry, the platform intends to change the traditional approach to managing a business in the industry. 888 Tron is ranked No.1 with volume on the Tron blockchain, with a daily volume of about $ 10 million.

In addition to playing games and mining, 888 Tron’s first users can also become co-owners of the business. The 888 Tron platform allows users to own 888 Tron tokens by playing games, making them owners of the platform.

Using a smart contract, the platform seeks to keep the platform’s profits transparent and evenly distributed. Additionally, the dividends will be paid in Tron’s TRX token, a popular cryptocurrency ranked 10th, based on market cap.

Users can mine tokens on the platform by betting. However, the supply of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 tokens. The process of mining involves levels, which is restricted by time. A block is mined every 48 hours. For mining one 888 token, the user is required to use TRX 700, which is the minimum starting bet.

At the end of each level,  the minimum bet to mine one 888 token increases by TRX 10. So, if a level 1 player uses TRX 700 to mine one 888 Tron, the user needs TRX 710 for another token and so on. Every 48 hours, at the end of each level, players are paid dividends in TRX.

The Mining Process

Dividends are distributed automatically once every week, after the mining process is complete. For example, if a player has 1% of the total volume of the platform’s tokens and the platform’s income during that time is TRX 30,000,000, the platform will receive TRX 30,000,000*0.01=TRX 300,000.

In the first mining stage, users can earn 12 million in TRX dividends. Currently, there are 10 million TRX, translating to TRX 12 million, with 1 million TRX dividends rising every day.

The team, partners, and the reserve fund receive a reward of 54%, for each token mined. Once the mining process is complete, the platform’s tokens are distributed as: players mine tokens – 65%, team tokens – 20%, advertising – 10% and technical – 5%. The listing of the 888 Token on exchanges will begin once 3% tokens are mined.

Apart from unique games with fair play, and a fair and transparent mechanism for distributing dividends, 888 Tron’s games will be based on well-designed models and high winning percentages. The dice 52 game on the platform boasts a winning percentage of 96.15%.

As the 888 Tron is based on cryptocurrency and mining, players will need to consider local laws to avoid violations.

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How does Baer Chain’s ecological planning attract us?

Guest Author



How does Baer Chain's ecological planning attract us?
Source: Pixabay

Hello everyone, we are the “Gourmet Food” from the food video production team in Taiwan.

At first, everyone gathered together through the blog and went to explore the various foods that will disappear in the village. We will also record the video and then upload to the network.

Later, more and more users followed us, and the outstanding talents gathered together to become the ultimate food – Polar, and our members have a number of food videos which have already uploaded in Instagram.

We have been exploring all the time, trying to build a network video platform that can combine blockchain technology, so that everyone can not only exchange video production experience but also protect intellectual property through technology, also it could encourage our community members to have more creative play makes, and make people all over the world find more delicious food and fall in love with it.

We are participating in the Baer Chain’s supernode campaign this time. We are not only hoping that the Taiwanese food videos shot by Polar can be seen by more people on a larger platform but also want to learn how Baer Chain builds ecology advantages.

Because Baer Chain has more than just games, there are more diverse players and a high level of consensus on maintaining ecological viscosities. The active interaction and mutual understanding between members, mutual prosperity and symbiotic relationship make us yearn for.

As a breakthrough and sublimation of the Baer Chain ecological consensus, the MEP Million Ecological Project continues focusing on the diversified ecological composition and the close relationship between members, which will bring innovative and lasting impact to the entire ecological structure.

In addition, Baer Chain also cleverly combines blockchain technology with prosperous ecology and a tempting cookie reward mechanism to create a platform for platform operators, game developers and players to win by satisfying market demand. These are all we can learn from exploring the blockchain technology.

Therefore, we really hope to join this ecological platform with unlimited potential and vitality. If we are fortunate enough to be successful, we will also connect our long-standing brand and traffic communication advantages to Baer Chain, and make more people join us!

More info, please visit the website or our official link.

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