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Bithoven: Next-gen cryptocurrency trading platform offers new users 100 DOGE coins

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Source: Bithoven

Despite the bear market and the “crypto-winter,” reports suggest that the number of people holding and trading cryptocurrencies went up over the past 12 months. A platform that offers a wide range of opportunities for traders, while ensuring a high standard of security is a necessity of the hour. Bithoven, the newly launched crypto trading platform is definitely one that checks all these boxes.

Launched in January 2019, Bithoven is a next-gen cryptocurrency platform that allows users to buy and sell altcoins and tokens quickly, safely, and beneficially. All anyone has to do is finish a quick registration process to begin trading cryptocurrencies.

The trading platform’s dashboard is intuitive and updated with all the necessary tools required for a successful trade. Real-time reports, order books, and candlestick charts are just some of the tools the platform’s dashboard offers. Additionally, Bithoven’s easy-to-use trading interface allows even those new to the cryptocurrency market to trade with ease.

It also promises full compatibility, which means that the user can use any available device, whether it is a MacBook or a Windows PC, iOS or Android, to trade.

Unlike most crypto exchange platforms in the business, Bithoven also offers unlimited number of withdrawals and deposits for registered users. This affords those with the most extensive of trading experiences, to put their financial expertise to good use.

The platform currently offers a huge range of 349 crypto assets that can each be used to make withdrawals and deposits, allowing users to pick and choose the trading pair they want to trade in. Whether it is the world’s premier cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or the leading altcoins of the day, a whole host of coins are at the user’s disposal. Additionally, Bithoven also offers 858 trading pairs to its registered users.

Another one of Bithoven’s selling points is the high trading volume and liquidity on offer. Users do not have to wait until their trading orders are executed on Bithoven. Instead, these are filled quickly, ensuring the instantaneous purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies on the platform. Features such as this ensure that the platform attracts more traders and investors, while consequentially contributing to an industrial standard of liquidity.

A key aspect of the platform is its understanding of traders and how users require absolute clarity about the trading process. Bithoven caters to this need by offering a customer support team that is available 7 days a week. The team will address user concerns within 2 or 3 minutes of being contacted. The fact that Bithoven is a strong team of blockchain and industry professionals ensures that trading is made as easy as possible for all its users. Apart from the dedicated support staff, the platform’s website has an FAQ page that answers some of the common questions associated with trading.

The platform also understands how important safety and security of trades is for users. While Bithoven is a state-of-the-art, fully encrypted trading platform, it also ensures that all its registered users have accounts secured by Two-Factor Authentication.

Bithoven is aware of the fact that passwords alone may not be enough for the security of data. The platform’s 2FA system reduces the risk against hacks, frauds, and identity thefts. Bithoven also recommends that registered users keep a backup 2FA validation code, on the off-chance that their devices are lost, broken or stolen.

The trading platform also announced the launch of a unique promotion program.

Bithoven will be giving away 100 DOGE coins to any user who signs up with a registered account on the platform. The user is required to create an account and agree to Bithoven’s terms and conditions. The 100 DOGE will soon be credited to the user’s account.

While still in its early days, Bithoven has a lot to offer to any prospective trader and investor. It promises the best and safest crypto-trading experience in the industry, while also offering new users an incentive of 100 coins. The platform also boasts a huge range of cryptocurrencies, allowing users the opportunity to cherry-pick the trading pairs they want to trade in.

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Crypto Wallet & Visa Card launches Apple Pay & Google Pay on iPhone and Samsung Devices

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Crypto Wallet & Visa Card launches Apple Pay & Google Pay on iPhone and Samsung Devices
Source: announced that the Spend App is now integrated and compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, available on iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices.

Spend is now the first company in the world to offer this service tied to 16+ supported digital currencies. The Spend team has created innovative ways to transfer, spend and send digital assets and currencies. Spend users will be able to link their Spend Visa® Card and Spend Virtual Visa® Card directly to their Apple Wallet and Google Pay Wallet.

What does this mean? Traditionally, Apple Pay and Google Pay allow users to make secure purchases in stores, in apps and on the web, as well as send and receive money from friends and family [in Messenger]. Now, when linked to the Spend Visa® Card, users will be able to take advantage of all the supported digital and fiat currencies available within the Spend App anywhere Apple Pay and Google Pay is accepted. These features will be available on the release of Spend App v2.5.

The Spend App

With a quick and easy download from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, the Spend App and Wallet will be the only digital wallet ever needed again. The Spend App allows users to store, withdraw, send, and spend more than 16 cryptocurrencies and 27 fiat currencies at over 40 million locations.

Spend users also have the ability to send funds around the globe and/or exchange various currencies all from their Spend App. Whether someone needs to send money to family in Europe or buy/sell different currencies, it can all be done from the Spend App, which currently supports:

  • 16+ Cryptocurrencies
  • US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • 24 Additional Fiat Currencies

In addition to being able to send, spend, buy and sell currencies around the globe, users will have the power of detailed analytics at their fingertips to track coins and currencies. Spend’s in-app analytics gives users instant access to the most up to date charts and figures on any currency or coin users choose to track!

App Benefits

  • Currency Swap: Looking to exchange CAD to USD or XRP to LTC. Exchange any currency instantly with Spend, where applicable.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Hold USD, CAD, EUR, and 24 additional fiat currencies and over 16 cryptocurrencies all within the Spend Wallet.
  • Performance: 99.9% uptime with enhanced performance infrastructure in place.
  • Compliance Built-In: Verify account identity instantly within the Spend App.
  • Buy Crypto & Send Fiat: Users can purchase 16+ cryptocurrencies from their linked bank accounts, right from the Spend App, as well as transfer funds in over 180 countries.
  • Secure Storage: Highest level of AES encryption with PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.

Connecting the Spend Wallet To The Spend Visa® Card

Once a user downloads the Spend App, they will be able to access and manage their funds anytime with the Spend Wallet & Spend Visa® Card. Once verified utilizing Spend’s in-app KYC system, users have the choice to immediately get issued a virtual card that can be used immediately at any merchant that accepts Visa® online. Users also have the option to order a physical card. In addition, Spend clients can earn up to 6% rewards back on all purchases. Cards are now available in the United States and Spend has secured issuers for its Visa® Card product in Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Spend offers its users three different levels of cards, each with its own unique benefits:

  • Spend Simple™ – Spend’s introductory Visa® card. Spend Simple™ gives users access to the platform and all the great features offered. Upgrades are always available to Spend Preferred and Black.
  • Spend Preferred™ – Spend’s most popular everyday Visa® card. Spend Preferred™ grants users a flexible spending limit for use as an everyday card with access to the Spend VIP Program and enhanced rewards.
  • Spend Black™ – Our exclusive Visa® card for elite users. With an optional sleek metal design*, Spend Black™ cardholders receive access to the highest spending limits, highest rewards, and Spend VIP Elite Program.

With all Spend Visa® Cards, users will enjoy advanced security features, an option of both a virtual or physical card, 24/7 support, as well as both card and wallet rewards, powered by Spendcoin [$SPND].

No matter what level of card users are looking for, Spend has the perfect card to fit their needs, when tied to the Spend App.

At no point can cardholders load cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin onto their Spend Visa® Card. All cryptocurrency will be converted to the appropriate local fiat currency first on the Spend Wallet and then that local fiat currency will be loaded on the Spend Visa® Card for use in purchase and ATM withdrawals.

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