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CrypTalk is now available cross-chain on FibSwap



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FibSwap, a multi-chain decentralized exchange, has partnered with CrypTalk, an encrypted messenger to protect and cover the needs of crypto-users. As a result of the collaboration, CrypTalk’s token, CRYP, is now listed on FibSwap.

CrypTalk is an encrypted messenger developed to empower the crypto community. It is a secure app led by professionals skilled in the crypto-space and security space. CrypTalk is changing the way the crypto community blends cutting-edge technology while offering an amazing digital user experience.

FibSwap, on the other hand, is a DEX with an Interoperable Multichain Bridge System (IMBS) DEX that utilizes FibSwap’s Smart Algorithm. The project helps in swapping tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and fast environment. FibSwap is powered by a $FIBO token which helps in the governance of the project and reduces transaction fees. 

Fibswap is a great platform that shares our vision of security and safety. Our team has worked for 9 months on the app, powered by the $CRYP token, to help make crypto safe. We are very excited about our listing on their platform,” said Amer Omerovic, Founder and CEO of CrypTalk. 

The partnership between CrypTalk and FibSwap goes beyond the listing of CrypTalk token $CRYP on FibSwap. Both projects are joining forces to create a secure, transparent, and optimized swapping environment where all projects are audited. 

About FibSwap 

FibSWAP has developed a new type of DEX, an interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS) that utilizes FibSWAP’s Smart Algorithm to streamline cross-chain token swaps. Users can use the bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and instant transaction. Moreover, the DEX has the lowest fees on the market paired with the unique lowest fee swap aggregator.  

For more information, visit their Website | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram |

About CrypTalk

CrypTalk is a messaging service designed to bring together verified projects and potential investors by developing a safe and secure crypto space. For projects to be verified by CrypTalk, they must undergo audits and several security measures. The CrypTalk ecosystem plays a crucial role in the core business model by providing a fundamental backbone to the platform.

For more information, visit their Website | Twitter | Telegram 

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