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CVN Partnership Highlights: plays a pioneering role in the global digital asset exchange space



CVN Partnership Highlights: plays a pioneering role in the global digital asset exchange space
Source: BitMax [], as the leading third-generation digital asset exchange, provides a broad range of products and services to global retail and institutional clients. Founded by a group of Wall Street veterans, not only relentlessly focuses on transparency, reliability, and quality of execution and user services, but also leads in offering innovative trading services to clients, including the recent launch of the industry’s first “transaction-mining and reverse-mining” mechanism on November 18th, 2018. Since then, the platform has grown its user base to over 70,000 users and offers more than 50 active trading pairs.
CVN, otherwise known as the Content Value Network, is a blockchain-based content creation and sharing network. The platform was launched in June 2018 with the vision of enabling users to view a wide range of content and interact with content creators, users, and a broader CVN community. With support for a variety of media types such as audio, video, and images, the platform will bring user-generated and prime content such as American, Japanese, and Korean dramas to a global audience in a fast, secure, and reliable manner.
CVN delivers content by merging blockchain and distributed P2P services to create a highly autonomous community where users can easily transfer, filter, and review online content with one another. This will help interested users find relevant content quickly and also act as an integrated filtering mechanism to remove spam and unwanted content.
With strategic investments from top venture capital institutions such as FBG Capital, BitMain, and Matrix Partners China, has quickly ramped up trading activities, especially with innovative initiatives such as transaction-mining and reverse-mining. Within the first 24 hours post-launch, the trading volume on reached approximately $1.4 billion USD.
By choosing as their token’s primary listing partner, CVN has further demonstrated its ambition to lead the development of innovative blockchain ecosystems and advanced architecture designs. The partnership also enhances the credibility of as a reliable exchange partner, as well as showcases the strength of its trading platform and development team.
The team has extensive experience in capital markets, technology, high-performance quant trading and token economics. The depth and breadth of those experiences is the key driver of their innovative trading platform as well as their transformational approach to crypto trading. provides the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 0.04% while providing exceptional infrastructure support and a fantastic trading experience. The platform also supports the industry’s fastest transaction throughput at 400k TPS, which influenced CVN’s selection of as a primary listing partner. Both firms continue to lead innovation in their respective industry – in crypto-trading and CVN in blockchain content delivery and networking. The blockchain space looks forward to a future made brighter by this important strategic partnership.
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