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Event Horizon Summit 2019: The future of energy revolution starts here!

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Event Horizon Summit 2019: The future of energy revolution starts here!
Source: Event Horizon Summit 2019

On 19th and 20th June, around 1,000 experts, 20 exhibitors, 20 start-ups and more than 80 international top speakers will meet at the Kraftwerk Berlin power plant for the 3rd edition of “EventHorizon”, the world’s largest international Energy Blockchain conference.

The aim of the conference is to show new creative strategies and develop pioneering solutions for the future of the energy market. The summit will also see the official launch of the Energy Web Chain from the Energy Web Foundation [EWF] and a handful of the already running DApps will be presented on stage.

Berlin, May 2019: The turning point of the energy industry is taking place at the EventHorizon, where visionaries, experts, innovators and start-ups under this year’s motto “Make your move! The time for change is now” talk about a fundamental restructuring of the global energy market and discuss the innovative solutions that can achieve that.

The energy market is facing a turning point worldwide: The use of renewable energies is increasing rapidly; subsidies, like the German Renewable Energy Sources Act [EEG], are gradually being phased out. Global players like Nike, Apple or Microsoft plan to make their energy supply 100 percent renewable by 2026.

Strategies for Energy procurement and transport must be reformed to be reliable, transparent and sustainable to guarantee strategic long-term partnerships.

Blockchain-technology is central to solve some of the key issues hindering us in sustainably restructuring the global energy sector and optimizing the entire energy chain.

EventHorizon, the world’s leading energy transition, and blockchain technology summit, is setting the pace here, bringing together not only pioneers and experts from a wide range of disciplines, but it also connects start-ups, climate protectors, regulators, policymakers and decision-makers from the economic, financial and energy sectors.

Since 2017, the participants have been actively shaping the future of the energy industry in order to sustainably reform the energy market. In 2019, the two-day Summit will address growing market demands and discuss concrete, actionable innovation, and market strategies.

The varied program combines keynotes, panel sessions, investor, tech & amp; Energy Talks, Corporate and Start-Up Pitches, Deep Dive Sessions and Expo Area.

The agenda is focused on the transformation of established market participants, political, legal and regulatory challenges, investment strategies, on the potential of blockchain technology for solving the problem of climate change and its impact on the energy sector, information security and energy access in less developed regions.

In the opinion of the organizers, there’s no more time to be hesitant, true to this year’s motto: Make your move!

Tech premiere: Energy Web Foundation launches “Energy Web Chain” and “D’App” Store

Another tech highlight of the EventHorizon 2019 is the official presentation of the Energy Web “dApp” Store on the “Energy Web Chain”.

The Energy Web Chain-Launch in June 2019-is a scalable open source blockchain platform designed specifically for the regulatory, operational and [socio-economic] market requirements of the energy sector.

The platform serves as a baseline, shared, digital infrastructure for the Energy and Blockchain community to discuss their solutions and strategies for the global energy sector build and operate.

For security reasons, the Energy Web Chain uses proof of authority or PoA consensus mechanism – which means only trusted ‘authorities’ are permitted to validate and secure a block on the chain.

The EWF selects these authorized validators from known and trusted entities of the global energy sector, ensuring responsibility and reliability for the general public and national regulatory agencies.

PoA is also a much more energy efficient consensus mechanism than the first generation method of Proof of Work [PoW], ensuring a sustainable process.

This new technology offers innovative applications that can trace the source of green energy, make photovoltaic systems [solar systems] more profitable for homeowners or facilitate electric vehicle infrastructure and make access to energy in rural areas and developing countries easier.

The Energy Web Chain has the potential to significantly reduce transaction costs in the energy sector. A larger number of market participants [consumers and devices] can actively participate and thus accelerate transition to a cleaner, more resilient and less expensive system.

The Energy Web Chain was developed by the EWF in response to the specific and intricate demands of the modern energy sector. For this purpose, the EWF has created the largest sustainable energy consortium in the world, with 120 energy and blockchain companies united.

Many of the largest energy utilities and corporates in the world cooperate are cooperating together, such as Shell, Siemens, TEPCO, Centrica, Iberdrola, and Engie, together with the most successful innovators in the field of energy blockchains such as Flexidao and Settlemint.

The EWF is a global non-profit organization focused on developing blockchain technology in the energy sector. The potential of Decentralized Ledger Technology shared by the EWF, its partners and the community can accelerate the transition to a decentralized, transparent, democratized, decarbonized and resilient energy system.

for further information visit our link.

Agenda EventHorizon 2019

The EventHorizon Summit has been awarded the Austrian Event Award [in gold] in 2017 and with the Eventex Global Award as Best Tech Event globally in 2018.

The 2019 EventHorizon Summit will see a similarly outstanding and innovative agenda, with giants from both the energy sector and the blockchain scene moderating the different events and sessions.

Keynotes, Panel Sessions, Investor Talks & Corporate Pitches including:

1. Mate Rimac, CEO & Co-Founder – Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes

2. Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive-Dena

3. Christoph Frei, Secretary-General & CEO, World Energy Council

4. Kerstin Eichmann Managing Director – Innogy Innovation Hub

5. David Martin Managing Director, Power Ledger

6. Gavin Wood, Co-Founder – Parity

7. Jo-Jo Hubbard, CEO & Co-Founder-Electron

All speakers at a glance.

The EventHorizon Agenda.

The world’s top 20 Energy Blockchain start-ups meet at EventHorizon to showcase their business models and custom solutions in 20-minute pitches. About another 10 start-ups present their projects at their stands in the Expo Area. At the EventHorizon, the most innovative start-ups get the chance to make contacts with important investors, colleagues and the community. Start-ups, students, researchers, and developers can apply online for heavily discounted tickets.

Sponsors & Supporters:

EWF, Engie, Elia, Web3, Innogy, Greyp Bikes

Ewald Hesse, the initiator of EventHorizon, emphasizes,

“The success of EventHorizon underscores the immense importance of blockchain technology for the future of the energy industry.” Once again such a top-class line-up of speakers, start-ups and attendees for the event is And I am delighted that EventHorizon has established itself as a pioneer in international technology conferences with this modern and interactive concept. “

Andreas Kuhlmann, chairman of the Dena management board, who is also a speaker at the Event Horizon again this year, added,

“After all the inspiring conversations with highly interesting people during EventHorizon 2018, it was my biggest success, now from concepts and whitepapers to the actual implementation of the Pass blockchain technology. In fact, this is also one of the key findings of our recently published Dena multi-stakeholder study, Blockchain in the Integrated Energy Transition. I look forward to seeing more applications than concepts at EventHorizon2019!”


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Accreditations for media representatives, inquiries for interviews with speakers and organizers as well as information about ticket packages are available on the request form.

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Press Release

Bytom hosts a digital assets conference in New York Blockchain Week and announces the launch of 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition

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Bytom hosts a digital assets conference in New York Blockchain Week and announces the launch of 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition
Source: Block72

Bytom announces its launch of 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition in the Programmable Economy and Digital Assets Conference, one event of New York Blockchain Week hosted by Bytom.

Following the 2018 Bytom global dev competition held in Hangzhou China, Bytom will continue the competition this year and the 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition’s final will be held in San Francisco this September. This dev competition aims at finding more technology talents, strengthening Bytom’s development capability as well as enhancing Bytom’s sustainable open-source ecosystem. Six winning projects will share a prize pool of $65,000 equivalent BTM tokens.

Duan Xinxing, Founder and CEO of Bytom announced this news in the Programmable Economy and Digital Assets Conference hosted by Bytom in New York on May 14th. He also illustrated Bytom’s current use cases, open source movement, and 2019 development roadmap.

Bytom’s overseas operation manager Zoe Peng showcased Bytom’s community building efforts and past events including hackathons, bounty programs, and dev challenges. The fist-prize winner of 2018 Bytom Global Dev Competition, Bytomswap team also gave a presentation. Anil Kumar, CEO of Bytomswap, introduced how Bytomswap realizes the decentralized swap between multiple cryptocurrencies on Bytom blockchain.

At the Programmable Economy and Digital Assets Conference, David Segura, Chief Operating Officer of Carbon; Mike Chen, CEO of Block72; George Cao, Co-Founder & CEO of and Victor T. Samuel, CEO of NV Global Ventures, discussed about the adoption of blockchain in finance industry and asset tokenization in a panel discussion.

In another panel discussion about public blockchains, Duan Xinxing, Founder and CEO of Bytom; Jason Qiao, Chief Ecosystem Officer of PlatON and Ryan R. Fox, Development Coordinator of BitShares, shared their opinions on the competition of public blockchains and different consensus algorithms.

Before the Programmable Economy and Digital Assets Conference in New York, Bytom also hosts a meetup at Kennedy School of Harvard University in Boston on May 11th. Before the final of 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition in early September, Bytom will host a series of meetups or hackathons in several cities, such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Registration for participating in the 2019 Bytom Global Dev Competition has been open.

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