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Hoskinsea X Cryptostalker AMA session recap: Hoskinsea furthers project development

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Hoskinsea marketplace has some updates for the community. First of all we want to thank all of you for your constant support and trust. We work 24/7 to develop the platform, sign new contracts, and establish strategic partnerships with leading blockchain market players to achieve our long-term goals and become the largest and most influential NFT Marketplace platform in the market.

What is an AMA?

AMA or Ask Me Anything in crypto is an online session where a crypto project team expert conducts live sessions for the crypto investors, buyers, or the general public to ask them any questions related to their project.

Hoskinsea AMA on Crypto stalkers will enable Blockchain enthusiasts interested in what Hoskinsea is developing and building to ask questions about the project, its development plans, roadmap, and plans ahead.


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Q1: Please introduce yourself and give an insight into what is Hoskinsea? What’s the reason you named it like that?

Kasidi {Will Never DM For $}:

Good afternoon, my name is kasidi I’m standing in for Mr mark as he’s currently busy

* I’m the community manager for hoskinsea NFT marketplace

* It is designed to provide the best cross-chain NFT platform, a platform where you can mint, buy, collect and sell NFTs and our main focus is giving our users the choice and access to trade NFTs across all major networks from one world-class platform while paying low to no fees? 

* We derived the name Hoskinsea from our visionary leader Charles Hoskinson.

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Q2: Partnerships play a vital role in building trust for investors, can you tell us about your potential partners and advisors?

Kasidi {Will Never DM For $}:

We have received a good number of partnership deals from other crypto projects but of course, we have to do the needful by conducting a thorough check to make sure we are having a collaboration with legitimate companies only and once that is done information about our partnerships and collaborations will be announced to the general public.✅

* Alright, so Mr. Mark is here now, he’ll take it from here.

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Q3: What are the latest developments about the products & services of Hoskinsea? Admin:

We just announced our launch few weeks ago, our team developers are presently working on our marketplace functionalities, and our marketplace will become fully functional before the end of Q2 2022. Certainly, the Hoskinsea team has been hard at work and has hit the following milestones :

– The first major milestone has been to design our world-class contract, put together by our top dev team to achieve seamless minting, collecting, selling, and buying of NFTs across multiple networks effortlessly.

– We have also managed to figure out a way for users to pay low to no platform fees which in itself is another major achievement. 

– We are 60% done with developing our NFT Platform and will soon release it on our testnet before our June launch

– launching a Hoskinsea Land sale for our Investors where they will be able to mint and trade them on our platform.

We could go on but we have achieved a lot within a short space of time In the future, we are mainly looking at creating a gateway to incorporate fiat to crypto conversions directly on the app to make it easier for 1st-time users to access the site directly even with little knowledge of crypto. We already have a team working on this.

*Yes ?

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Q4: Please elaborate on the Business Model of Hoskinsea and how it works? Why do you use Cardano Blockchain? Admin:

Great Question. We have assembled a great team of top developers with wide experience in the blockchain, NFT, and crypto space in general, several of our members have worked on numerous other successful projects and we have come together simply to deliver a product that we believe is relevant and much needed in the NFT economy. Our team includes blockchain security, development, and research experts

Several of us are also NFT artists, collectors, and traders, with first-hand experience of the market and the problems we felt needed to be addressed to advance the industry.

The beauty of our product is that most of its investors are general enthusiasts who believe in the project in their numbers making it a truly decentralized platform, That said we do have a few venture backers, and platforms that we are currently talking to who have seen the potential of the product.

*We chose the Cardano network because it allows a swift cross-chain transaction as Hoskinsea will also have Cross-Chain Trading integrated, which boosts the aggregation and cross swap functionality of the $HSK Token. The primary purpose of Cross-Chain Trading is the ability for users to swap their NFTs for Other NFTS/tokens, excluding the middleman.

*Thank you very much Ibrar

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Q5. Can you let us about the competitive advantages does Hoskinsea has over other projects? Where we can buy $HSK tokens? Admin:

Great Question, Our competitive advantage lies mainly in our problem-solving capabilities. As a platform, we focus on five core areas that make the foundation for our NFT Marketplace. 

High Transaction Fees: Hoskinsea offers NFT transactions on low fee networks such as Binance, Polygon, and Solana as payment options while also maintaining the ADA option.

Hoskinsea introduces the $HSK TOKEN which allows members to have zero (0) fees on all their transactions 

User Experience: Hoskinsea is also designed to offer the best create, buy, collect and sell experience at par or better with market leaders by offering a familiar and predictable interface lacking on platforms outside the Cardano network.

*Reliability: Hoskinsea is designed to offer reliable transaction security, high availability, less to no failed transactions further enhancing our attractiveness to the wider NFT economy

Twitter Questions :

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Q6: Many users are concerned about the issue of fees. What are the fees for buying or selling NFTs on Hoskinsea? Will Hoskinsea charge extra? Admin:

Good question indeed, now I will explain in full

*Royalty fee (Usually 1 -5%): This is set by the creator and goes directly back to them after a sale.

* 1% Service fee during the sale: This helps us to pay our builders and continue to improve our marketplace.

* Listing Transaction fee – When you list (less than 1 ADA): This is the price you pay to list which is for using the Cardano network, Every interaction with the smart contract will have a tiny fee. You will not be charged for any failed transactions on the chain.

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Q7: What are the risk management policies that the project uses to safeguard the investments and credits granted by its platform? How do you really ensure that there is a backup base to rely on in the face of any situation or sudden change in the commercial markets? Admin:

Great question ?

As I mentioned earlier, a good part of our team is from a cyber security and blockchain security background, we are designing several verifications and monitoring protocols to ensure that there is no mere duplication and copying of other NFTs.

* Artist security is another of our core focus areas.

* Transaction safety and reliability as already mentioned above is also a core focus area, we have built systems in place within the platform to ensure few to no traction failures, while also offering low to no platform fees.

Q8: NFTs are very popular nowadays and this makes many projects want to be part of this constantly growing market, but what makes this project unique, how do you intend to position #hoskinsea_io among the market leaders, that your NFTs are always one of the most successful? Admin:

* Of course, $HSK will be the native utility token for Hoskinsea marketplace. We are currently few days away to end HSK token private sale as we have already recorded over 80% token sales from the exercise. And trust me with the plans laid out and the vision for the token $HSK,the private sale is an opportunity no one would want to miss.

* ?Our private sale whitelisting is LIVE RIGHT NOW!, You do not want to miss this opportunity. Follow the link to participate –


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Q9: I would like to ask you have created this token on the Cardano network what’s your goal looking at this? Admin:

We have our native token which is the HSK token, this token will be used for payment and will as well play an important role in hoskinsea ecosystem

* HSK token utilities include some of the functions that I would list below;

* Purchase of NFT — Token holders can be able to purchase NFTs from the Hoskinsea marketplace at a discounted price

* Transaction Fees — NFT minting fees can be paid using HSK tokens

* Governance & Voting — HSK token holders will be made part of the decision-making process of issues that affect our Ecosystem. As such only holders of our token will be given the ability to vote on the necessary decision-making process that will affect our ecosystem.

* It is important to note that the amount degree of votes you can give and participation in said voting process will be dependent on the amount of token you hold.

* Exclusive Privileges — Top holders of HSK tokens will be given Exclusive access to rare edition NFTs which will only be made available during the Public mint

* Purchase AD Slots — Due to a large number of NFTs that will be on the platform, users will be able to purchase ad slots for their NFTs using HSK Token.

* Transaction Fees Redistribution — Top holders will be able to benefit also on our platform by earning a fixed percentage of profits made from all the transactions carried on our platform using the HSK token.

* Creator Verification and Voting — Users will always be more likely to buy or transact from verified creators on our platform. As such creators who will wish to verify their platform will be required to stake a preset amount of HSK token before they can apply for verification.

* Stoking Platform — HSK token holders can choose to stake their tokens on our staking platform to earn more tokens

* NFT Farming — Users will be able to stake NFTs on our platform and be able to earn rewards in limited/Rare NFTs which can be tradable on other NFT platforms too.

* This is definitely a Cardano gem, so interested participants have limited time to join on the $HSK token private sale

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Q10: Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of a token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? Admin:

* Sure, our team is fully aware that good marketing and project planning strategies are pivotal to the growth of any project on the blockchain. Hence, we are allocating a huge portion of the funds to be raised, to marketing partnerships with leading brands and blogs. 

* This is to ensure maximum reach of marketing campaigns of innovative Hoskinsea products, geared towards the Hoskinsea brand gaining the top position as the leading Cardano NFT Marketplace.

Live AMA Questions :


I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate?

* Let me start with this as Hoskinsea is a community project. Members who wish to apply for the ambassadorial post should mail their request to us via ?


What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for your project?? Admin:

* We are allocating a huge portion of the funds to be raised, to marketing partnerships with leading brands and blogs. This is to ensure maximum reach of marketing campaigns of innovative Hoskinsea products, geared towards the Hoskinsea brand gaining the top position as the leading Cardano NFT Marketplace.

* This measure above ☝️will help to keep the price going and under control for the long term.


Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision-making, do you put the community into consideration?


* HSK token itself is a governance token giving every holder of the token it’s deserved right


Where I can get all the latest news? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?


* I would share of our social media handles where you can get exclusive news on hoskinsea ?


News channel:

Telegram group:





Reddit –


Do you have a whitepaper? If yes, please share it with us. Secondly, Do you have plans for a pre-sale? Now, where can I join it?
Please answer my Question??


* Yes, Of course, we have a well-documented Whitepaper that contains our project ideas ? and information ℹ️ you can find it here

* We are currently on the HSK private sale round and have sold out over 80% of the total allotted tokens, I’m sure no one wants to lose this golden opportunity, you can join the private here –

That was the end of our AMA, thanks to all those who visited and all who read the article! Visit our socials here:

HSK Token

Hoskinsea utility token, HSK, has maintained steady prices and avoided volatility despite recent declines in the cryptocurrency market.

HSK Token was developed and launched by the team as the utility token in its ecosystem, which will be used for staking, yield farming and Launchpad fees.

Users can also participate in governance or Earn more HSK by staking their NFTs which they can also list and sell on secondary Cardano NFT marketplaces.

The community determines the token’s price in support of its decentralization goal, which allows them to trade and provide liquidity 

How To Buy HSK token 

HSK Tokens has several uses on the Hoskinsea platform, which will benefit token holders. Hoskinsea aims to build a fully functional Decentralized NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem. 

1 ADA = 100 HSK Token

Minimum Purchase: 200 ADA

Maximum Purchase: 20000 ADA

Early participants can purchase in HSK token private sale and become early holders of HSK tokens –

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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