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How to keep your cryptocurrency safe: secure Bitcoins online

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How to keep your cryptocurrency safe: secure Bitcoins online
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Everyone should stick to a basic security online. Personal data, business information, traffic, all of these have to be protected on the Internet. But when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, the security has to be doubled at least.

Due to the increased number of Bitcoin owners, the need for new security measures has increased too. Keeping your electronic money secure online directly depends on keeping your devices secure on the Internet as well. This is important if you don’t want to keep it offline, which is probably the most secure way, by using a cold storage hard wallet. In all other cases, the additional level of security measures required. What options do you have? Antivirus? VPN? Tor? An antivirus is definitely not what we need. The Tor software is also not enough when it comes to cryptocurrency. This is explained in the tor vs vpn article if you’re interested. Thus, a VPN is left.

VPN: Online Security for Bitcoin Owners

With all of the control you have over your money online, comes a huge responsibility as well. You can’t just open a Bitcoin wallet and wait till you spend your first electronic cash. Even before getting a wallet and having your first balance online, think about additional ways to keep your devices and traffic safe.

Putting your money on a standard bank account is not the same thing as putting them on your wallet online. Actually, an online wallet is just a formal name for a software program where Bitcoins are stored. That’s why having a separate tool for data protection online is required. A VPN would be a great choice. You can get more info about the service in general by following the link.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is the encryption based soft, which is created for protecting your data and traffic online by keeping it constantly encoded and invisible on the network. In other words, a VPN transforms your traffic into a mess, not allowing other computers on the network to monitor or read it. Thus, whenever you open a Bitcoin wallet on the internet, no one can see this and extract information from it, even if your devices are connected through the unprotected public networks.

Free WiFi zones are the number one reason why so many computers and smartphones are hacked. Those networks don’t guarantee security. The only thing they can guarantee is an internet connection. Thus, anyone who shares the same network as you in a cafe, restaurant, airport, or hotel can easily get access to other computers on the same network, including your own, monitoring the traffic from it.

But a VPN is not a single-purpose tool for keeping your traffic encoded only. There are a lot of other benefits:

  • Data protection;
  • Online anonymity;
  • Access to previously blocked content;
  • Internet connection [it doesn’t slow down your Internet connection];
  • Usability.

Depending on the price and brand, a VPN can be installed on multiple devices and operating systems at the same time. Thus, you can use one service for all of your gadgets. Check for more information about VPNs.

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Press Release

mBitcasino announces support for FIAT currencies

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mBitcasino announces support for FIAT currencies
Source: mBit Casino

mBitcasino, the top brand in cryptocurrency gaming is making a huge announcement – EUR, CAD, AUD, USD, RUB, and JPY are now available for deposits and withdrawals. Through these currencies, players now have access to over 1500 additional games. Opening its virtual doors to FIAT currency is a stepping stone for the famous casino that was one of the first kids on the block, and new and existing players stand to be rewarded royally with this new addition.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

The addition of FIAT currency represents an exceptional opportunity for players who do not own cryptocurrency to make deposits and withdrawals on the site and enjoy one of the, now over 2500, games.

Linda Murphy, VIP manager at mBitcasino says,

“We keep a close connection with our players, which means we inquire about what they’d like to see on our platform. The integration of FIAT for players that do not have cryptocurrencies is a long-awaited one. A promise we can now make good on if you will. What’s especially exciting are some of the new games players will have access to!”

By going live with these new currencies, more players can benefit from the vast array of promotions and bonuses offered by the industry-leading casino. From massive reloads, hundreds of free spins, month-long promotions, a unique VIP program, outstanding support, and lightning fast cashouts [processed in under 10 minutes]; mBitcasino members have good fortune by their side.

A Rich History of Being the First

mBitcasino has been breaking barriers since day 1, well over five years ago. Now they are doing it again. By embracing both crypto and FIAT currencies, mBitcasino is showing that they understand and cater to all their users’ needs. Why the addition of FIAT currency? Some gamers still view cryptocurrencies too volatile for investment, while others don’t want to bother with online exchanges.

As a result, mBitcasino has decided to give more players the opportunity to play with their favorite currency even if they don’t hold crypto. mBitcasino already supports the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market such as BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOG, and USDT.

With the launch of fiat currencies, mBitcasino has become one of the very few online casinos that support both crypto and fiat currencies – making it one of the best places for gamers.

Special 50% Bonus For 1st FIAT Deposit

Any player that will make a deposit using one of the newly introduced FIAT currencies at mBitcasino will receive a whopping 50% bonus, which means that the casino will offer players up to 100 Euro on top of their deposit.

Ultimate Experience

mBitcasino’s primary focus has always been on providing players with the best casino experience, an aspect reflected by the exceptional services they offer and the vast selection of available games. By launching FIAT support, mBitcasino builds on that foundation even more by continuing to tailor to the player’s every need.

To visit the casino and claim the special bonus, click here.

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