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Integrating poker into the Metaverse: An interview with CEO Renato Maia

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The progression of the Metaverse coupled with the NFT craze that began last year is showing no signs of slowing down. Companies are integrating more innovations fueled by NFTs into the Metaverse to expand the possibilities of the cryptospace. Gaming in the metaverse is growing in popularity because of the life-like experience it offers.

PokerFi.Finance (PokerFi) is a project designed to create a poker platform that is integrated into the metaverse and has an NFT design for everything that is sold on the site. PokerFi aims in bridging the world of poker with the use-cases based on cryptocurrency. The platform seeks to provide poker players with a system to earn a passive income thereby incentivizing users about the cryptospace.

In an interview with PokerFi CEO, Renato Maia, we talked about the evolution of the metaverse, the Pokerfi platform, usage of NFT’s in the  PokerFi ecosystem, the platform’s roadmap, and much more.

1. Metaverse has been a buzzword in the crypto space lately. What is your opinion about the current state of the Metaverse and its adoption? 

The Metaverse is a combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and it is one of the trends for 2022. The search for games linked to this term has intensified, and it is not just because it is a  game, but the fact that it has a realistic feel. It keeps people’s attention because it provides high entertainment.

2. How does PokerFi fit into the narrative of Metaverse, cryptography, and Poker? 

With each passing day, gaming platform users are looking more and more to enjoy a game that gives them a more real feel. Poker players often comment on the adrenaline difference between playing online poker and live poker. Face-to-face poker provides much higher levels of adrenaline, emotions, satisfaction, etc. And, that is the feeling we want our players to feel in PokerFi’s Metaverse. We’re going to provide that feeling for players even when they’re playing online. 

3. The PokerFi coin had a great reception in the market, reaching a  market cap of $80,000,000 we can see this from Coinmarketcap. How did the PokerFi team make this achievement?

Our pre-sale lasted 21 days and during that period we made several  AMA’s with investors, explaining our project, objectives, and its greatness of it. We show all the specifics, educating them about the community our coin will circulate in. That the poker community is very united, they move a lot of money and there are several flaws that with blockchain technology can be fixed. PokerFi was announced by three Exchanges, stating in a  Twitter post that they were going to list it even before the pre-sale ended  (P2PB2B, WHITEBIT, BKEX). After the pre-sale ended, we did a marketing campaign for 10 days presenting the project to new investors, and then we launched it.

4. Tell us more about Metaverse PokerFi? What can users expect from selling digital land on the platform? 

In PokerFi’s Metaverse anyone can build their own casino and use it to play with friends, or create tournaments open to the public and profit from it. If the person is not interested in using it as a casino, we will have customization options for this land for the owner to use as he prefers. An example of this would be to create an advertising space for your business,  such as billboards, a building with a banner of your company’s brand, as long as it respects the rules of our Metaverse. When a company is going to advertise it wants an audience, and in our Metaverse with thousands of users, it could be something they need. 

In our Metaverse, there will be five levels of terrain. bronze, silver, gold,  platinum, and diamond. Each higher level with its specific advantages. 

5. Community engagement is an important part of any platform. What steps are you taking to engage with your user community? 

We are working with community leaders by specific region or country and their job is to encourage the community to take an active part in our social media and CoinMarketCap. Another strategy is that we are contacting the best poker players in a specific region or country, where we present our project, and with some of them we are speculating to do  NFTs. 

6. What can we expect from the PokerFi roadmap in 2022?

Expectations are excellent, as currently, very few cryptocurrencies have any real utility, and we strongly believe that the coins that will stand out this year and in the coming years are the ones that have a use. PokerFi unites two-billion-dollar markets that are on the rise, Poker and  Cryptocurrencies. Remember that the investor of the PokerFi currency that has from 35,000 coins, will receive dividends in dollars from everything that the PokerFi company generates profit. Whether with  Poker, NFT, Metaverse, MarketPlace, etc. With this, we will certainly be among the most coveted investments in the year 2022.

7. Is it true that you have a large network of celebrities on their way to partner with you? 

Absolutely! We can not say any names yet, but we are negotiating with the biggest celebrities in Brazil and some in the world for NFT launches,  some already closed, and others in progress. 

8. NFTs are providing new use cases to various market sectors. When launching the NFT of these celebrities, is there any usability project of these  NFT’s in the real world? How do you plan to make use of NFT’s in the  PokerFi ecosystem? 

Yes. With each celebrity, we will work with the best they have to correspond with their fans and we will have freerolls on our Poker platform where to gain access you will have to use these NFTs in the form of a ticket. Of the NFTs that are already closed, we have Rafael Reis,  current PokerFi ambassador and number 1 in the Poker Live ranking in  Brazil in 2021. Anyone who has his NFT will have access to a personalized  Coach and access to classes recorded by him.

We have André Franco,  considered the greatest cryptocurrency specialist in Brazil. Whoever owns his NFT will have access to a Coach on cryptocurrency with him and to recorded classes. We have Felipe Boianovsky, a respected player and coach of Poker players in Brazil. Those who own their NFT will have access to a  personalized coach as well. And another closed name is André Santos,  former player of the Brazilian team. Whoever owns your NFT will have something personalized with it. 

In addition, these NFTs will be useful in our Metaverse, because for a  casino owner to create Poker tournaments, he needs to buy the dealers,  and these NFTs that we are making will be the dealers in 3D format at the  Poker tables.

9. What news can already be guaranteed to PokerFi investors for the next 3 months?

 In February we will have PokerFi Wallet, sale of NFTs from artists, sale of land NFTs, Poker Platform, and for the next 3 months MarketPlace and announcement of new NFTs.

10. Will you launch any digital poker gaming platform with the currency being used within the platform?

That is right, we have been planning and working on it for months and the prospect is huge. We are bringing innovation, technology, and satisfaction to both Poker players and PokerFi currency investors.

For more information on Pokerfi, please check their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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