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RankerDao announces $100,000$+ buy back & burn streak of $RANKER in June



RankerDao is heating up this week’s post announcing its teaser last week about a mysterious announcement.

Following up on the recent announcement regarding buyback & burn of $RNKR tokens, RankerDao confirms to buy back & burn more than $100,000 worth of $RNKR tokens this week.

About Ranker Dao

RankerDAO is a guild of gamers passionate about P2E, empowering our community members to earn & enjoy all benefits as they explore the emerging socialfi ecosystem.

Since its momentous launch in February, RankerDAO has accomplished many remarkable feats. They’ve developed solid plans to build an esports scene for P2E players.

“We are announcing buyback of $RANKEER tokens, where tokens are purchased from the open market & burned. The total buyback is forecasted at $100,000 USD and will be rolled out over the next few days, across our CEX partners”
– Liko

Ranker Dao Achievements

The team at Ranker Dao has expanded its network of players through zealous onboarding efforts, and partnered with 10+ new P2E games, bringing them to a total of 16 strategic partnerships and growth.

The team has also worked tirelessly to expand their NFT Inventory.

With a growing collection of 20+ games NFTs.

Most recent partnerships

  • Ranker Dao & Shibafriend
  • Ranker Dao & Wonder Hero
  • Ranker Dao & MonstAx Gaming
  • Ranker Dao & Souni
  • Ranker Dao & Space Falcon
  • Ranke Dao & Reign of Terror
  • Ranker Dao & Remnant Labs
  • And much more…

Team is fully equipped to shelter 1000 more games & their NFTs on our platform, making P2E games even more accessible.

RankerDao also plans to empower creative blockchain games with an IGO platform that allows gamers & Investors to get NFTs & tokens for the games at much better prices.

“We believe crypto gaming Industry is growing rapidly, there is a paradigm shift in ownership & accessibility of In-game assets with NFTs, we’ll be leading this change to empower our community members & support new emerging gaming projects” – Liko.

Become part of Ranker Dao community

As of now, Ranker Dao has attracted tremendous interest from retail and Institutional investors for building the future of socialfi ecosystem.

Be the first one to hear more detailed information and news on their official handles.





Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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