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Ruff Cooperates with NXP to make IoT Application Development Easier

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Ruff Cooperates with NXP to make IoT Application Development Easier
Source; RuffChain

The 2018, NXP Semiconductors Greater China MICR Partner Technology Exchange Conference was recently held in Suzhou. Ruff was invited to participate in the conference as an Internet of Things operating system provider. Together with NXP, Ruff promotes application development in IoT, enabling an underlying ecosystem that serves developers and suppliers, and provides stable support for data transmission.

NXP Semiconductors [Nasdaq: NXPI, referred to as “NXP” in this article] is the world’s largest automotive electronics and artificial intelligence IoT chip company. For NXP, a well-developed underlying IoT ecosystem is the basis for large-scale development and use of IoT applications. Ruff promotes software-defined hardware, which is used through the Ruff OS to develop IoT applications based on JavaScript.

Thus, the development threshold is greatly reduced and the efficiency of IoT application development is improved. Both parties share the same view on this concept. Ruff OS runs successfully on the NXP RT1050 board, providing developers with rich development options to build complex IoT systems efficiently.

The NXP RT1050 MCU chipboard | Source: RuffChain

The NXP RT1050 MCU chipboard | Source: RuffChain

Ruff takes great pride in being an NXP ecological partner. Together, they will provide IoT developers with easy access to the Ruff OS so that they can learn and develop IoT applications quickly. The result is an open, efficient, and agile IoT development platform for software developers, a concept that Ruff has advocated for from the beginning.

About NXP Semiconductors:

NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI) is committed to enabling a smarter, safer, and more convenient way of life through advanced secure connectivity and infrastructure solutions. As the world leader in secure connectivity for embedded applications, NXP continues to drive innovation in automotive connectivity, end-to-end security and privacy, and intelligent hardware.

With more than 60 years of expertise, NXP operates in over 30 countries supporting 30,000 staff. Their annual revenue in 2017 was $9.26 billion.

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