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Surging 18.95% in 24 Hours, are Bibox token bonds the future or just the flashes in the pan?

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Source: Bibox

On January 3, 2019, an AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange, Bibox, opened its token bonds trading section – Bibox Bond [denoted by “BIX1901”]. Each contract’s price has gone up to 185 USD. The price has increased 18.95%, compared to its issue price. Bibox will release the other nine rounds of BIX Bond, according to its official statement. There are few products with more than 10% yields in this “crypto winter”.

The price of Bibox Bond keeps going up, though the market remains bearish. It proves two facts: first, token bond is in demand in the market; second, BIX1901 issued by Vocean is recognized and accepted by buyers. So what are the reasons behind this risen price?

Reasons behind the surge in price

Bibox’s token bonds opened to primary market participants on November 22, 2108, which was sold out within 12 hours. The buyers are mostly qualified institutional investors, cited an insider. This time, however, normal investors are able to access BIX1901 after completing KYC verification. The fundamental reason for BIX1901 price surge is that the supply is less than the demand, namely, the demand for BIX 1901 surpasses its circulation. So why is BIX1901 so popular in the market? This shall be explained from two aspects: product and market.

Bibox Bond is a token bond contract denominated in Bibox token [BIX]. There were total 4030 bond units issued in the first round, each with a face value of 1000 BIX. The Bibox Bonds are priced in GUSD. The coupon payment is fixed to be 48 BIX, and the mature period of each unit will be 6 months. Let’ take BIX1901 as an example. The face value of each BIX1901 equals to 1000BIX. If we calculate the issue price on January 2, the price of BIX1901 is around 150GUSD. Upon the maturity, if the BIX price drops, buyers can get 150GUSD [in the equivalent value of BIX] and coupon payment of 48BIX; if the BIX price goes up, buyers can get 1000BIX [principle] + 48BIX [coupon payment].

As we can see on the above poster, buying BIX1901 is similar to buying a free six-month call option. The value of BIX1901 shall be its face value plus BIX call option, which means buyers can get convertible bonds in bearish market. When the market turns bright, buyers will profit from it.

From the perspective of buyers, buying BIX190 brings stable earnings for them. Those holding Bibox Bond [BIX1901] are able to enjoy BIX incentive dividends as they normally do in BIX trading. According to Aries Wang, the co-founder of Bibox, they’ve done quite a lot of researches, and they found that the demand for low-risk products is growing gradually in bearish market. Institutional investors with the needs of assets allocation and risk hedging are increasing gradually, which lowers the average market risks.

From the perspective of market, the scale of the traditional bond market is nearly tens of billions, way higher than traditional stock market. Let’s take a look at the crypto industry before BIX1901, there was no real token bond and fixed income instrument ever existing. BIX1901 not only brings a new investment channel but also perfects the market structure for cryptocurrency. For professional institutional investors, BIX1901 provides a basic instrument to offset risk and allocate their assets.

From the perspective of project owners, token bond satisfied their diversified financing needs. Vocean, as a token bond issuing institution, will disclose project owners’ information, such as their operation performances, etc., and establishes credit rating, bringing a transparent mechanism to bond trading.

How to control the risk?

Risk control is inevitable no matter in traditional financial market or in crypto space. Particularly for companies in early development stage, when their management systems are not mature enough, how to manage risks appears to be of great importance. Besides, the essence of investment is that buyers feel great confidence on the product. The confidence, however, comes from whether the product is safe or not. BIX1901 is of no exception in this regard.

In terms of risk control, not only does Vocean execute strict risk control process, the issuing body – Bibox Limited also builds a thorough system(including double collaterals, dynamic collaterals and default deposit system) to guarantee the principle and interest shall be paid to buyers upon maturity.

First, it’s double collaterals. The number of bond contracts Bibox Limited totally issued was 4030, the equivalent of 4.03 million BIX, which means Bibox Limited has to pledge 8.06 million BIX. Paying double collateral fully shows that the Bibox Limited is capable of repaying.

Second is dynamic collateral management. When the collateral ratio is lower than 150%, that is around 6 million BIX, Vocean will issue margin call to demand additional collaterals; if Bibox Limited fails to do so, and the collateral drops down to 125%, that is around 5 million BIX, Vocean will distribute all the existing collateral to bond buyers.

Lastly, it’s default deposit system, Bibox Limited also deposits 1% of total principal value to Vocean. The deposit shall be paid in GUSD. In case of default resulted from Bibox Limited, Vocean will pay 10% of bond principle value [at most 20% of insurance pool] to those holding BIX1901.

When it comes to financing, token bonds show an obvious advantage in this regard. It is more transparent as it discloses more information, which is also a good investment sign for crypto enthusiasts. Products like token bonds are able to attract funds to advantaged enterprises, which is good for optimizing the allocation of market resources. For instance, projects with good benefits, like token bonds, are well received by investors compared to those with bad benefits, so is the same with its issuing cost, which will be relatively lower for projects with good benefits, and vice versa.

Once the token bonds market system grows mature, bonds trading will be driven by the market. Those issuing token bonds will be kicked out by buyers if they don’t honor the agreement. A mature and united token bonds market, so to speak, forms the base for crypto market. Those who firstly test their lucks on this industry are bound to have the “first-mover advantage”. Whatever direction the token bonds market goes, as the first exchange around the globe issuing the token bonds, Bibox is expected a faithful future.

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Guest Post

Recruit’s funding division, RSP, announces investment partnership with COTI blockchain enterprise.

Guest Author



Recruit’s funding division, RSP, announces investment partnership with COTI blockchain enterprise.
Source: Market Across

Recruit, a Japanese-based investment enterprise with a $50 billion market cap, announced that its next major blockchain investment will be in COTI. COTI is a revolutionary, block-less and miner-less blockchain designed to solve many of the scalability issues faced by cryptocurrency. Recruit has established a blockchain specific Blockchain Tech Fund in response to the growing number of opportunities within the blockchain space.

What is Recruit?

Recruit is an international investment leader offering a stake in all stages of business investment opportunities across a variety of tech industries. The company has a particular interest in blockchain, fintech, robotics, AI, and business application services. Companies including BitFlyer, Shift, Udacity, and 99Designs have benefited from strategic investment partnerships with Recruit.

Source: Market Across

Source: Market Across

Recruit created its Blockchain Tech Fund specifically to address the enormous potential of blockchain technology. To support the unprecedented expansion of blockchain-based technological advances, a high level of support from traditional investment partnerships and business models is necessary.

The Recruit Blockchain Tech Fund provides rapid funding of auspicious blockchain technology projects. RSP funding is available throughout all stages of project development, from seed round through growth and expansion.

The Blockchain Tech Fund uses token fundraising to support new business model development in its investment partnerships. This strategy effectively promotes blockchain business expansion as well as mainstream blockchain adoption.

Appeal of COTI

COTI, or Currency of the Internet, offers a unique and promising solution to a global issue using blockchain technology. This issue is scalability.

Regardless of technological advancements, traditional blockchain structures have proven incapable of scaling to meet the needs of a global market. This is particularly true as blockchain expansion continues to move into mainstream business fields.

COTI is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph [DAG] protocol. This structure eliminates both blocks and miners, drastically reducing size and energy expenditure. According to COTI’s website, the platform seeks to provide transaction services at a lower cost than even fiat payments.

Using COTI, organizations can build unique payment solutions. By digitizing a currency of choice, payers and payees can save time and reduce the significant cost of transaction services.

Further bolstering its security capabilities, COTI stores funds in offline, cold wallets, safe from hacking and cyber attack.


As COTI and Recruit move toward similar end-goals, promoting and developing the expansion of blockchain technology, both companies recognize the potential for widespread blockchain benefit.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO, stated,

“We’re pleased to have made it on the radar of the RSP Blockchain Fund and its larger mission of making leading blockchain projects known to the world at large. This is a notable accomplishment for COTI and further anchors our belief in the enormous potential of the technology market in East Asia.”

Source: Market Across

Source: Market Across

Blockchain industry stands to see tremendous benefit from this partnership, as both parties seek to further the expansion and growth of blockchain throughout the traditional business enterprise.

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