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TFUEL phenomenon: How TFUEL exchange aggregators like Swapzone join the game

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Decentralization is one of the most popular architectures in the age of information. One of the major use cases of decentralization is content delivery. However, the technology is still in its initial phases with very few implementations. Theta is one such amazing use case. If you’re wondering what TFUEL and the Theta blockchain are, and how to get it, you’re in the right place. 

Now, let us understand Theta coin exchanges and TFUEL.

What is Theta and TFUEL asset? Why is the project unique? 

The Theta Network is a blockchain-enabled video streaming platform. However, it’s nothing like the platforms we use every day. Most networks such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney are centralized. They have dedicated servers and users can access the data stored on these servers. The Theta network is different. Instead of storing data or media files on servers, it uses a decentralized system to make the best use of the remote sources available. 

Like most decentralized networks, the network has a governance token, THETA, and TFUEL, the utility token that fuels the network operations. You can use the TFUEL for several purposes, including trading and staking. 

The primary reason for the explosion of the Theta Fuel utility token is the network itself. The Theta video streaming network solves many issues present in modern streaming services. Any streaming service, like YouTube or Twitch, depends on traditional servers to deliver the data to the end-user. However, sometimes, their centralized servers may face too much load and slow down significantly.

The Theta Network has the solution to most of these problems since the network stores all the data on a decentralized network. Anyone can choose to be a part and provide storage and bandwidth access from their laptops, desktops, or even mobile phones. 

Why Network Update on June 30th Is Important 

The network’s mainnet update scheduled for June 30th introduces something called TFUEL burning. This new feature will reduce the inflation on TFUEL coin by making Elite Edge Nodes burn 25% of each payment to the network. 

Along with TFUEL burning, Theta also announced more support for the NFT marketplace. If the marketplace takes off, there is a good chance that we may see a huge hike in the price as well.

Crypto-Market in Summer 2021 

The recent crypto-crash is hitting the prices of major alts and Bitcoin that were previously up due to retail purchases and overall hype. Along with mainstream cryptos, TFUEL also saw a decent price drop from $0.6. The purchasing volumes, however, show that the coin has the potential to rise much more in the upcoming days. If TFUEL manages to stabilize at or above $0.6, we can potentially see it hitting the much-anticipated dollar mark very soon. That would be a potential 50% gain for anyone investing in TFUEL. 

More Reasons Why TFUEL May Rise 

  1. TFUEL Staking 

The Theta Network is about to launch the staking program as part of Mainnet 3.0 to earn returns on your TFUEL. Traditionally, whenever a network launches a new program, it is common to see the price of their governance and utility tokens increase significantly, just like many other coins such as Cardano’s ADA or Ethereum’s Ether. 

  1. Network Development 

The Theta Network has an active development team. Even if the TFUEL price can’t reach the dollar mark in the upcoming weeks, the project’s profound use cases will eventually add more value. And as more people realize the advantages of decentralized streaming networks, the coin will gain momentum as well. 

  1. TFUEL to Gain More Representation 

Most cryptocurrencies have been experiencing a downward trend over the past month. However, tokens like TFUEL and Polygon’s MATIC have been spiking, often bringing great returns. That’s why naturally, a typical сrypto-exchange aggregator would take interest in listing both THETA and TFUEL on their platforms. The news that TFUEL may gain more representation is fortunate to the holders. If more exchanges list the coin as one of their standard tokens, we may see the explosion much sooner than expected. 

Why Swapzone Is the Best Platform to Exchange Theta? 

Considering the fluctuating nature of the market, it’s always better to compare prices before buying TFUEL and THETA, or converting BTC to THETA but sifting through offers on different websites is tedious. That’s why crypto-exchange aggregators like Swapzone might be your go-to place. There you can get the best exchange rates on BTC to THETA, having over 15 THETA exchanges with the best rates at hand. If you’re wondering how to get TFUEL, Swapzone is also the right place for you since it allows the community to convert dozens of cryptocurrencies to TFUEL. 


The Theta Network is one of the best use cases of blockchain technology in the streaming industry. Many experts predict that most of the traditional streaming services like YouTube will vanish with Web 2.0 in this decade, making way for decentralized networks such as Theta. 

If this happens, there is a chance that the TFUEL token may reach heights that no one expected it to reach until 2030. So keep an eye out on both the Theta network and the TFUEL if you’re looking to make profits.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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