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Who teaches people’s deputies of Ukraine to invest in Bitcoin?



Source: Арсений Антонов

It is no secret that the life of the cryptocurrency community in Telegram takes place actively. Analytics, signals, training and trust management can all be found in Telegram channels.

All this is happening in the Telegram. But some channels go far beyond it, as happened with one of the largest copyright channels on cryptocurrency “Chief on Crypt.”

It turned out that this channel for investments in cryptocurrency is used by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, who himself declared it. At the disposal of the editorial office, there is a video where Jean Belenyuk, the world champion in wrestling and a member of the ruling faction of the Ukrainian parliament “Servant of the People,” declares how the owner of the channel “Chief on crypt” helped him to understand cryptocurrencies.

It is necessary to say, the channel is really good – complex things are explained in simple and understandable language, but most importantly – the owner of the channel demonstrates his trade in online mode and the results of this trade highlight the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market for investments.

Disclaimer: This should not be treated as news/advice.

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