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Zen Fighters: A brand new VR esports gaming metaverse on blockchain

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There is no denying the growing popularity of esports, but it doesn’t feel like it has reached the mainstream since up until recently digital sports games were being played on flat screens while sitting idle on a chair. However, the tide is turning with the arrival of VR headsets, allowing players to physically move in their environment as they compete with others. One such next-generation esports game is called Zen Fighters, where the players not only exercise and compete with each other but earn money for their efforts too. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the unique gameplay elements that make this game stand out from the rest.

What is “Zen Fighters”?

Zen Fighters is an innovative esports game built natively for virtual reality that incorporates NFTs  (non-fungible tokens) to achieve the vibrant ecosystem of a real sports market. In this game, players will be able to earn NFT prizes like in-game items, new fighters, cosmetic upgrades or $ZENY tokens for their achievements, and own all of it in their personal crypto wallet, which they can later sell for any other cryptocurrency in global blockchain marketplaces like OpenSea, thus making it a play-to-earn game.

With elements from both Harry Potter’s Quidditch and Pokémon Go, as well as a Street Fighter type of matching system, Zen Fighters is a unique one-on-one competitive sport that is only possible in virtual reality. The game requires players to think on their feet, anticipate their opponents’ moves, and adjust their tactics depending on the unique superpowers of theirs and their opponent’s fighters.

Game Lore Behind Zen Fighters

The solar system in the Zen Republic metaverse consists of a sun and seven planets in its orbit. After millennia of intergalactic conflicts over who owns the sun, the citizens of these planets were able to come to an agreement on sharing the sun’s energy.

Together, they founded the Zen Fighters league as a symbol of their newfound camaraderie, in which the greatest fighters from all around the Zen Republic compete against one another.

The NFT Fighters

There are three types of fighters in Zen Fighters, coming from different planets of the Zen Republic Metaverse: Martians, Reptilians, and Sumerians. These fighters are upgradable NFTs that differ cosmetically (hairstyle, body-color, etc). The most important trait of a fighter is their superpowers. When a fighter is born, it acquires 3 random and non-changeable superpowers, some stronger, some weaker. Even though these superpowers can’t be changed, the more experience points a fighter gets, the more they level up and unlock new superpowers, possibly increasing their worth in the market.

Play-To-Earn Game Model

All assets in Zen Fighters are Non-Fungible Tokens that can be purchased using the Zen Fighters’ native currency, $ZENY.

By signing up for an account, you’re instantly linked to a crypto wallet where you may keep NFTs as well as $ZENY and any other cryptocurrency.

By playing the game, players have a significant chance of making a profit, especially the early supporters. There are a couple of ways to earn by playing:

  1. Leveling up fighters unlocks their new superpowers, and gives them a treasure box that can have valuable cosmetics or other things inside it. Characters that have been leveled up may be resold on the marketplace for a profit depending on their look and their abilities.
  2. Staked battles against other human players: Staking a certain amount of tokens and the winner takes it all.
  3. Official tournaments: Zen Fighters will host tournaments in which players can compete and win the prize pool!
  4. Competitive and cooperative minigames: Players will be able to compete with others in a race or cooperate to clear a mission and acquire treasure boxes or tokens!

Spectators Watch to Earn!

Spectators are a crucial piece of the puzzle to any esports game, and Zen Fighters is no exception. We understand that the audience of players for VR games is still rather low, so we are focusing on getting spectators intrigued, which will draw more players later down the road. To incentivize viewership, we will have spectators earn $ZENY tokens alongside players. 

Invitation-only competitions with the top Zen Fighters on the planet will be held. The spectators will have a chance to get involved in these tournaments by watching and supporting their favorite fighters via live-stream on the smartphone app and streaming sites like Twitch. Viewers will be enabled to bet on the result of matches, support the players by investing in them, and even more. The viewers will also have a chance to purchase match tickets from the in-game shop to watch tournaments live in VR. Also, the spectators are not limited to watching, betting, and investing – they can buy fighters themselves and lend them to others, acting as their agent, similar to the scholar system in Axie Infinity.

Interested To Know More?

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our endeavor and hope that you look forward to trying your hand at it yourself! 

For more info about the game, check the website:

Stay up to news by joining our telegram server:

We also invite you to become a citizen in our discord server and get access to the early demo of Zen Fighters:

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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