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Still trading crypto manually in 2019?

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Still trading crypto manually in 2019?

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Bitcoin [BTC], the first and largest cryptocurrency in the space, continues to get traction, even in the bearish market. The coin, which is usually referred to as Digital Gold, recently grabbed headlines after Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk commented that Bitcoin’s structure is “quite brilliant”.
It has been over a year since most of the cryptocurrencies reached their historic maximum. However, experienced traders said that many of them, including the Bitcoin, are close to their lowest support levels.
We are living a really interesting fact these days because the price of Bitcoin was even lower than the cost of mining it. Right after this situation, it seems that the market can once again enter a bullish phase.
The bear market has caused several investors to take the exit route helping the price fall, but despite this movement, many crypto traders are still participating in the space. Notably, there are traders who are currently thriving, while also several exchanges are becoming giants in terms of users and volume of trading operations.
Despite their growth and adoption, they are still lacking in placing advanced orders compared to traditional platforms for forex or stock markets. That’s where new crypto trading platforms and bots started to proliferate, to cover the needs and enhance the traders’ experience.
These “bots” and crypto trading platforms are connected to the exchanges and act as a common dashboard to control your operations and set your rules. The first bots were fully rule-based, not accurate and sometimes a lot technical for the average user who needed to know about technical analysis of the market signals to be able to run it with profit.
The rising demand for automated trading services is looking for easier ways to get profit from their digital assets while keeping the human touch but fully automated.
It’s that possible? The answer is YES, and this is where Zignaly comes into play.
Launched in mid-2018, Zignaly is an automated crypto trading platform with a focus on signals and a really easy-to-use interface.
Even though it was recently launched, the platform is already listed among the top trading bots in the space and it’s growing exponentially.
Despite the fact that they are still in beta, at the time of writing, the total positions created via Zignaly was over 170,000 during February and the total trading volume was pictured to be more than 10 million USD.
With these signals as their core, Zignaly has a clear differentiation among their competitors. Their platform is ready to get the most of the signals and lets the users trade automatically while the experts [signal providers] are behind taking care of the technical aspects, giving the entry points and all the settings on each signal to Zignaly for the users to take profit of it.
At the same time, Zignaly enables experienced traders to maximize their profits by using the Trading Terminal. A manual buying interface with a toolset and options that are not available directly on the exchanges.
Features like Trailing Stop, Stop-Limit Orders, DCA Strategy, Price Deviation, etc., act as additional support to the platform’s adoption.
Apart from these options, Zignaly also allows users to integrate their account with TradingView and allows them to open and close positions through the alerts.
Regarding security, the kind of connection with the exchange with API without withdrawal rights and the 2FA options puts Ziganly on the safer side. The platform operates directly on the exchange so it doesn’t manage your capital except for the buy/sell orders. Thereby ensuring that the funds are kept completely secure.
We’ve reached out to the CEO of Zignaly to gain more insight into the platform’s way to success:
What inspired you to create Zignaly? What was your first impression of the cryptocurrency space when you first heard about it?
I can’t tell when was the first time I heard about the cryptocurrency space, but I remember I read the Bitcoin whitepaper back in 2014 and I thought that its design is a masterpiece. The creators had considered, in advance, several issues that could occur in the future. You could see that it wasn’t a project that was launched the night before. I thought [and still do think] that it was going to be a revolution.
I’m a big fan of the Lean Startup methodology [you can see it in the way we run our crypto trading platform], and Bitcoin was entirely against it. They spent years thinking about it, implementing and testing before launching it. Only when they felt that it was ready, they shared it in a community. It’s not a Lean Startup project, but the result is terrific.
I wanted to be part of this revolution, contribute and make it easier for others to get into it but we were working in another project [nothing to do with crypto trading or even fin-tech, it was about marketing metrics], so it wasn’t until 2018 that we got our hands into this.
I started playing with Kraken’s API, to see if I could create a crypto trading bot, I did, but, of course, it wasn’t profitable [I know nothing about crypto trading or trading in general], so my partner and I started to read about trading. It was then that we realized that there was something missing in the exchange like limit options [no trailing stop, no exit by time, etc.], you couldn’t place concurrent orders for the same amount [take profit and stop loss at the same time] and many others. At the same time, we discovered signals providers, and it was annoying to miss opportunities because a signal arrived when you couldn’t operate.
Because of our love for automation, we decided to create a crypto trading platform to cover the exchanges’ lack and automatize signals’ and traders’ strategies.
Why did you decide to create a trading bot instead of launching a mainstream trading exchange platform?
I think we are more a crypto trading platform than a crypto trading bot.
There are hundreds of exchanges out there, and some of them are doing fantastic. There are also thousands of bots out there, also doing great. There aren’t so many trading platforms, and we think there is a place for the one that we are envisioning.
It hasn’t been long since Zignaly was launched, yet the platform is on par with the top trading bots in the market. What, according to you, were the key milestones that Zignaly had to surpass to achieve top-level supremacy?
Yes, and you have to take into consideration that we launched in the second half of 2018. Since the beginning of 2018, the crypto trading space has been in a bear market, and many people have lost interest and have quit.
We are still in beta, so the key milestone is to leave the beta 😉
So, what are the challenges you had to overcome to get here?
It’s a matter of time. Zignaly is run by the two co-founders and a couple of collaborators, so our velocity is limited. We are not looking actively for funds but if the opportunity appears will jump into it, and then we’ll speed everything up.
What are the key features of Zignaly which sets it apart from others? Could you elucidate on the same?
Our key differentiation is the focus on signals. We have several partnerships with signals providers and some integrations that make easy for any user, who has crypto trading expertise but lacks the technical knowledge to build a signals platform, to become a signals’ provider inside Zignaly. Thanks to our providers, any user, even beginners, without trading knowledge, can start maximizing their profits, in an easy way, as soon as they have signed up.
We think that technically, there is nothing that our competitors can do that we couldn’t do and vice-versa. Also, we believe that everything that could be invented for this space has already been done for the Forex space. So we try to differentiate ourselves outside the product. We run the project with openness and transparency. We listen to the community, there is a public roadmap where anybody can request features. We have a Discord community where users, providers and us cooperate for a common end.
Our mission is to make possible for everybody, even those without trading knowledge, to get into the crypto trading space and become profitable.
One of the most awaited features of Zignaly is the Trailing Buy, the Manual DCA and adding new exchanges. Any timeframe for its release?
There is no timeframe for any feature. Sometimes we have to prioritize some stuff over others due to business decisions or technical issues. We have some collaborators, from the community, that help us to speed this up, but still, we can’t give any timeframe.
The DCA feature is close to being finished, and probably will be launched during the month or beginning of the next one.
About adding new exchanges, probably we won’t get into it until we are ready for leaving the beta phase. We want to have one well covered and then replicate it to others.
How positive do you consider the traders’ response towards Zignaly after it went live on Binance?
I consider myself a data-driven person, so I’ll show some numbers,

As you can see, the response is impressive. We are closing more than 170k positions per month with an exponential growth month over month. We are really happy with those numbers but it’s just the beginning.
Bart R. Bordallo
CEO @ Zignaly
Nowadays you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of the crypto markets. Zignaly is a great option to automate your trading and maximize your profits. You don’t need to put your capital at risk to try a product like this one and the community behind it eliminates any doubt about it’s potential.
And now is your turn. Are you ready to put your digital assets to work for you?


Biraajmaan covers market trends of major cryptocurrencies. As a graduate in engineering, his interests lie in Blockchain technology. With over a year as a journalist, his articles focus on US and UK markets.
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