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Nftfy ushers in a new NFT era with their NFT marketplace

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A pioneer in the cryptographic space, Nftfy will revolutionize the industry by becoming the first decentralized protocol that enables NFT holders to Fractionalize their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a trustless and permissionless manner.

The highly sophisticated — yet user-friendly — Nftfy platform utilizes smart contracts to Fractionalize digital assets into several ERC-20 compliant components while ensuring that each component is backed by the NFT itself. 

At present, the leading NFT markets are peer-to-peer marketplaces that lack the level of liquidity required to determine an appropriate/reliable valuation for a given NFT.

Nftfy’s decentralized Marketplace will solve this issue as the platform will enable users to trade Fractionalized components of NFTs which will add a significant amount of liquidity to the market. The added liquidity will allow for much more accurate NFT valuations in real-time. 

Imagine a world where NFT ownership was no longer singular and each NFT could be its very own market, a world where you could own your very own Fraction of an NFT like the piece of a beautiful puzzle. Today, June 8th, that world is upon us: Nftfy is launching its NFT Marketplace

on Ethereum! Now, everyone can easily trade Fractions of NFTs and enjoy a new world of possibilities in the DeFi ecosystem through the NFT Fractionalization process. 

What is a Fractionalized Asset? 

Fractionalized assets are dividing an asset into smaller increments to make significant investments more attainable for all. Imagine a piece of digital art as a puzzle that you can now own a piece of.

Through tokenization, Nftfy allows one to transmute the value of an NFT into token form freely. As a result, you can partition the value of the NFT as you see fit by dividing the NFTs value by token number and ultimately purchase ownership in a portion of an NFT. 

What Makes This Significant? 

The Fractionalization of the NFT market is significant for a few reasons. Firstly, it allows NFTs to be liquidity-enabled. NFTs will attain and retain a more stable price action through liquidity, solving the main limiting factor in NFT ownership, volatility.

Secondly, this smaller distribution will open up the world of NFT investing to smaller investors and allow people to diversify their NFT portfolio, in turn lowering risk.

These two profound changes will make the NFT market more inclusive to all. 

Making NFT Trading Sustainable 

Currently, NFT acquisition, trading, and ownership are plagued by risk and high barriers to entry. Traditional NFT ownership involved committing a large sum of the cash for ownership in a product with no capacity for precise price discovery. Making NFTs by their very nature incredibly volatile, difficult to obtain, and most of all hard to diversify your holdings. 

Nftfy’s Vision 

With the advent of Nftfy Marketplace, anyone can freely create and launch their very own Fractionalized NFTs. This profound innovation will empower a free-flowing and sustainable NFT economy that is a far cry from the marketplaces of today. This improved NFT economy is accomplished through the inherent increase in liquidity, price discovery, and trustless user-driven market that the Fractionalization system produces. 

These distinct advantages allow not only Nftfy Marketplace to flourish but the entire NFT market as a whole. This revolutionary Fractionalization platform will empower NFT creators, traders, and speculators like never before. Learn more about how it bolsters these individuals here. 

*Nftfy’s industry redefining marketplace will be live on June 8th* 

Here’s How it Works 

Nftfy platform has three easy steps to get your Fractionalized NFT up on the marketplace and trading freely: Fractionalization, Redeem, and Claim. 


Simply connect your wallet to the Nftfy platform here and select the NFT you would like to Fractionalize. From there:

  1. Set the price that someone needs to pay to extract the NFT (in any ERC-20 token). 
  2. Approve the transaction: once approved, the NFT is transferred from your wallet to the smart contract. 
  3. You receive 1,000,000 ERC-20 tokens representing Fractions of your NFT, effectively turning your NFT into its own market! 


To redeem your NFT, you must pay your predetermined Exit Price. This payment can be issued with any mix of Fractions and coins to reach the exit price value. 


But what if someone redeemed an NFT, and you still hold Fractions of it? 

All you have to do is utilize the Claiming process. The platform will exchange your Fractions at the click of a button for a proportional amount of coins stored in the smart contract’s vault. 

However, this is only the beginning. Nftfy is already multi-chain to fuel the growth of the NFT market on a global scale. For a more detailed explanation, check this user’s guide on how to use the platform. 

Who’s it for?

Nftfy prides itself on being an all-inclusive platform, but let’s highlight a few of the individuals who can benefit the most. Firstly, the speculators of the nftfy world will be able to partake in the thrills of a new, diverse, and ever-growing market. Nftfy provides an opportunity for arbitrage, fractional trading, and farming. These opportunities get amplified by Fractionalization’s innate ability to keep volatility under control, providing a safer environment for traders. 

Secondly, collectors will look to benefit from the native variability and stability that a Fractionalized NFT system provides. Through the Fractionalization of these NFTs, collectors have the opportunity to amass not only a vast collection but a stable one as well. 

Finally, and most importantly, creators will be able to use Nftfy as a pseudo-launchpad for all of their original content. Creators of today are financially decimated by content theft and unfair contracts with distributors. Utilizing Nftfy, every creator will be able to Fractionalize their content as tokenized NFTs. Those mentioned above will ultimately bring creators the compensation they deserve for their work. 

About Nftfy

Nftfy is a robust decentralized open marketplace that enables anyone to effortlessly monetize digital assets with no coding skills required. 

Nftfy’s Fractionalization will enable a more sustainable NFT marketplace. Through the lowering of volatility and entry using their intelligent liquidity system, Nftfy has the opportunity to revolutionalize a thriving market, which effectively turns every NFT that is tokenized into its own market. 

The Nftfy Marketplace is the environment to launch and trade the ERC20-compliant Fractions fully backed by NFTs. It is a user-friendly front-end to create and interact with Fractions of NFTs, NFTs, and Liquidity Pools. Check the Nftfy Marketplace here. 

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